Wednesday, April 7, 2010

He Said... She Said...

He said... I think you're gorgeous
She said... So I've heard
He said... Your eyes are beautiful
She said... I get that all the time
He said... Do you wanna go on a date with me?
She said... I don't date my classmates... It is just wrong... You'll find your type soon
Now he rides a Bentley and lives on the Island...
He is one of the eligible bachelors in Nigeria...
And she wants him...


She said... Hi. Do you remember me?
He said... Yes I do... How you doing?
She said... Good... You wanna get together sometime?
He said... I am really busy now so just make an appointment with my Secretary and I will get back to you

(Super Story instrumentals play)

The story never get old...



  1. lol, everyone has their standards, we shldnt ask that she have lowered hers then tho she shldnt have said that to him dat way. jeez, she shlda had her pride nd not asked im to get together joh.

  2. lol. It sure does. But it really pays to date a rich guy, he he.

  3. Hey Harry...wat u trying to say...:-)

    While it sounds like a "superstory" it happens so often...i can't actually keep count of cases I know...

  4. meanwhile, some days it is quite difficult to leave a comment on your blog...just want u to know so u dont feel I dont visit here...

  5. love your story and your blog,am a new female blogger,pls check me out too,thanks

  6. yeah,do you know this is common among ladies,a lady that didnt need u when you were hustling will baldly need you when you are a complete man,lol

  7. Lol, the story truly never gets old. But oh well, the girl has a right to her preferences. In d end, who gets the last laugh abi?!Reminds me of Avril's "S8r boi".
    Niiiicely putTogether;')

  8. lol...Proud guy! Why does that story sound better when the girl's the one let down?


  9. True but sad story,when you look deeper into it, its like looking down on people thinking you might not need them in the future.

  10. The story truly is not getting old but a girl is gonna try her I am really busy now so just make an appointment with my Secretary and I will get back to you


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