Thursday, April 8, 2010

Unhealthy Relationships

Before I start, I wanna thank EVERYBODY who reads my blog and drops comment. I really appreciate it, you don't know how I feel when I check my blog and I see the amazing comments you guys leave... I am gonna cry...(sniff)...

Anyways, to the subject of discussion. Unhealthy relationships. It could be between a guy and his girlfriend or vice versa. It could be between a child and his parents, it could be between siblings or it could be between friends. The funny thing is that the parties involved usually know they are in unhealthy relationships, so the knowing is not the hard part... The hard part is knowing when to walk away.

I was listening to Let it Go by Keyshia Cole and she said, If he ain't gonna love you, The way he should, Then let it go, If he ain't gonna treat you, The way he should, Then let it go... The song got me thinking, what if a married woman listens to this song, will she then file for a divorce because she wants to let it go?

Right now, I am trying to understand relationships and I am coming to a conclusion... It is too complicated!  Talk more of unhealthy relationships... most times we feel it is so easy to walk away from unhealthy relationships but is it? Feelings are not switches that we can just turn off and on at will. Most times they are strong that is what makes letting go so hard.

I don't even know what I am saying anymore. This relationship issue is so one kind... Have you ever been in an unhealthy relationship before? How where you able to let it go?

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  1. Harry personally o I've always had the ability to drop unhealthy relationships really quick. Idk how I do it, but u know how am able to think tomuch right? So am always able to just block ppl from my life just like we do on facebook..
    Once I decide am going to do it, I stick to it and it's done.

  2. I also don't think it is easy but self preservation will sometimes help one to get out.

  3. You said it all; IT IS COMPLICATED! esp MARRIAGE! Expect for wife battery can a woman consider breaking off the relationship since her life is at risk! If is the boy&girlfriend relationship, one must have the courage to breakoff & start AFRESH. As it is commonly said, A BROKEN RELATIONSHIP IS BETTER THAN A BROKEN HOME!
    As for the parent & child relationship; IT CAN NEVER BE BROKEN BECAUSE OF THE BLOOD CONNECTION since GOD had not BROKEN OFF HIS RELATIONSHIP with mankind regardless of our sinful nature.

  4. Relationships are complicated, as you note. However knowing oneself helps a person deal with relationships. If you know what you like or don't like, when a relationship gets to a point were it is detrimental, your instincts will guide you. At least that's what I think.

    Best of luck!

  5. Hey man.
    Well i'm usually picky from the get-go. i.e,i take my time to make at least reasonable appraisal of compatibiliy b4 rushing into em. Not necessary man-woman,also friendship wise. But if midway, i see its not working out or its abusive emotionally, i just block the person out. Its not easy yes, but seriously, no use wasting time on people who will not reciprocate the concern you're according them.

  6. harry relationship is very scary nowadays ,it only take patience to win it,thanks for coming to my blog

  7. Something that will go a long way to helping relationships is clear communication. Each partnership (I'm talking about boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife) should come to an agreement on what their deal breakers will be, and what behaviours they will not accept from their partner so that when something happens, one cannot say that they did not know they were engaging in a certain behaviour would affect their relationship in the way it did.

    For example, infidelity is a huge no-no for me. I can forgive but I do not feel that part of forgiving means staying with my significant other, regardless of how many children we have (which is often mentioned as a reason to stay). I just have a hard time believing that a person can cheat once and after being forgiven by their partner, never try it again. I hope I'm wrong, sha.

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