Monday, May 17, 2010

Thoughts on my weekend and Poetically Speaking

Hey y'all!!!

How was the weekend guys? Mine was OK... Saturday was kind of a drag though... all I wanted to do, I wasn't able to so it was just there but Sunday, that was an amazing day. Tolu Akanni celebrated his 21st birthday and it rocked!!! You should have been there...

Sunday night... not so good... I had a fight with my roommate and I wished it did not go the way it went but the deed has been done.. I got to move on, don't you agree???

Poetically Speaking is available for download here. It contains some of my poetry and music from Adot, eMJoy, Phis-A-Man, Von Trap and Je'Kob from The Washington Project.

Please I wanna hear your comments on this one. 

Have a blessed week people...


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  1. YA MAN!:
    good stuff fam.
    Poetically Speaking seemed to be a first shot, Anani doing what he does best- giving it a shot regardless.
    Big kudos on dat fam. All in all it was not a banger of a production. I'd say more should be put into sound
    production next time, in terms of effects, FX and wot not. songs on d trak were cool, however the mix
    didnt necessarily have a certain theme which each track accorded with per say. I was blessed by your ministry
    in learning from your expressions however- admitting to our frailties as it were, entreating strentgh in God.
    It was a little monotone in style and not out of the ordinary to blow us away tho.
    bless God you materialised your idea and gave it a shot. coolness. kudos. well done. GO GO GET IT

    Job8v7: Though your beginning was small, Yet your latter end would increase abundantly. have JOY


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