Friday, May 14, 2010

Which love song will you sing when...?

Yesterday I watched a very interesting Indian movie titled Jaane Tu... ya jaane na.
Image from Bollywood-Hollywood Movies website

The movie is about a guy and a girl who were best friends throughout their college years and did not realize that they actually love each other. In a scene, all six friends were talking about the song they will sing when they find the one they love. This was the one I liked best...

 jaana, dil jaana, kaise tune na jaana…
(love, my love, hoe come you never knew it…)
ye pyaar hi hai…
(that this indeed was love…)
haan jaane tu, ya jaane .. na…
(whether you knew it or didn’t…)

Amazing song, don't you agree? I then got thinking, what love song will I sing when I see the one I love. I don't have to sing it to her face but the song can play on in my mind... These where the songs that came to my mind...

1. Monica- Angel of Mine (I love the song so much!!!)
2. Stacie Orrico- I Promise (The lyrics are WOW!!!)
3. Brandy- The Definition (People don't understand why I love the song so much)
4. Craig David- Unbelievable (I think love gives us that feeling)
5. Grits- Be Mine (Personal favorite of mine. Talks about all the possibilities of the relationship)
6. Sho Baraka- We Can Be More (I mean, this is more than love)
7. Brooke Fraser- Without you (Have you heard this song??? It rocks!!!)

Trust me, many love songs came to my mind... these are just the few I could put down... But the one I love most is Grits' Be Mine... The song has swag+God... You can't deny it

Question for you: Which love song(s) would you sing or will play in your head when you finally meet the one?

Answers people!!!!!


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  1. Songs that come to no particular order-
    1. Shayne Ward- Breathless.
    2. Robin Thicke- Lost Without You.
    3. Boyz II Men- On Bended Knees.
    4. Alicia Keys- Falling.
    5. Teddy Pendergrass- When Somebody Loves U Back
    6. Barry White- Just The Way You Are.
    7. Aerosmith- I Don't Want To Miss A Thing.
    8. Eric Clapton- Wonderful Tonight.
    9. Beatles- Stand By Me.
    10.Whitney Houston- I Will Always Love You.

  2. Blogo - u dey rep o... i love all the songs you guys.
    Adam Sandler - I wanna grow old with you

  3. before i say what song, i want to suggest everyone should listen to Monica - breaks my heart. it is not exactly related to this, but it talks about unconditional love. Sweet.

    But probably Sho Baraka - We Can Be More

  4. Blogoratti stole my song: Aerosmith- "I Don't wanna miss a thing."

    I have other songs too...and I believe I already sang

  5. they are plenty oh;

    If I were a guy, I would sing GOD BLESS YOU by M.I.
    Omo, infact, I'll remix it as a girl; that song is the -ish.

  6. @Blogoratti... Feeling your songs men
    @Lara... Nice song there...have you heard the glee cover?
    @histreasure... I have not heard that song before
    @Rotex.... will most def listen to the Monica song... good repping Sho Baraka though
    @Jaycee... That Aerosmith song is beautiful... I envy you though, I mean you have sang all your songs
    @NakedSha... I gottta go hear the M.I song

  7. Lol - love song... erm...

    I'd sing - My Love (Westlife) and I'd do it solo. haha. I don't fancy Indian movies sha. I dont know why o.

    - LDP

  8. i would sing the sing the of her choice or else zindagi do pal ki - kites the film

  9. Its been a while ve seen indian movie oo

  10. Michael Buble. Haven't met you yet

    tom Jones- Delilah :)

  11. I'd rather compose mine. :)


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