Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Harry Rukevbe Itie, B.Sc (Hons) Mass Communication

SPOILER: This post is going to be in Pidgin English. I am sorry

The thing wey You dey do, dey sweet for body, like sugar, like honey, make me dey wonder eh...
My people, how una dey? Me, I dey kampe! Who go tink say bobo like me go dey wrap up university education. Na God do am oh!!!! Na him deserve all the glory, after all the wahala wey he take me come this school. Abeg oh, make una come see the goodness of  Baba God...

As I enter the hall, doubt come my mind. I begin fear say I kno go pass, say I go come back for summer, but the Word of God assure me say, the person(God) wey don start this good work in me, go bring am to the end. To tink say this God choose to bless me. We reach 100 wey resume in 2006, some drop out, bad things happen to some, but God decide say He go keep me. This God... I never see him type before. All the many good things wey He done do for me and my family. I just bless him name oh!!!

I dey confident say I go pass all the exams wey I don write. This God wey I dey serve, He no go put me to shame, lai lai. Na bible talk say, my latter go great pass my former... I don dey see great things for my future...
I fit go on and on but I gosta go call my mama. The woman don try for me. To think say she struggle for me, send me go private school, dey always pray for me... I suppose call am. In fact, I feel bad sey I never call am tell am the good news... I love you oh mummy... You don try for me, I go try my best do 1000000 times the things wey you do do for me... I also go like thank my sisters... una do well for me... I love una so much...  To YWAP, thanks for all una prayers and support... I love una die... to my friends, thanks oh!!! God bless you!!! To my brothers and sisters for blogville... I love una so much... thank you for una prayer and encouragement... I love una too... to my HOD, Dr. Nnamdi Tobechukwu Ekeanyanwu, people tink say you kno dey try sometimes but me, I kno sey you be the best... thanks for everything you do for us, I love you oh. To all my lecturers, Sis Stella, Mr Sule, Dr. Doks, Prof and everybody, una try for me... God bless una and too the management of Covenant University, una try for us oh...we love una...I dey proud sey I come here... Finally to the 2010 Class of Mass Communication... together we made it... I love una die!!!

I go like talk more but I wan waka... take care oh... If una never vote me for Nigerian Blog Awards, abeg make una go vote. Dey nominate me for Best Poetry Blog, Most Inspiring Blog, Best Student Blog and the Nigerian Blog of the Year... abeg make una go vote here.

Make I give una a taste of wetin happen today...

jo-oh!!!! I kno fit shout... I go put more pictures later...also... YWAP Abuja get concert for sunday... See the flyer for here

If you dey Abuja, abeg make you try go oh!!! The thing go dey fun!!!

Also, my friend, Tolu Akanni dey do him book launch for July 9 at Terra Kulture... abeg make una RSVP for the event here

I go see una later... I wan go call my mama...

God bless una plenty!!!



  1. I've not read this...but I want to be the first to say...CONGRATS!!!!!!! HE will keep you through the remaining days in JESUS name, AMEN. :)

  2. Thank you so much for this prayer Dew...God bless you

  3. my dear, i dey feel u o. E be like dream o. C as we don finish, afta all dem Ekeanyanwu steeeeeeeez,. I go miss u die but i'll also be proud to say: ANANI, o, he's my very good padi...........

  4. na wa why una dey make noise all over school today be this abi?
    Next week tuesday too far jare...dis engineering sef.

    Omo, I happy for una oh.

    Abeg, make we dey wash am now o!

  5. Congratulations oh jare. Such a thing of pride! Bless your ma too.

  6. Congratulations oh, its not easy jare!!! Can't wait for mine.

  7. Omo, na so we see am o. School na wahala, infact, I HATE SCHOOL. But now, i don finish. Congratulations o for d nominate wey dem nominate u for the blog awards. I pray sey u go win sha.
    Nuttin do all of us o. Nuttin dey pa. Anything wey pa, na Winsh!!!

  8. Huge CONGRATULATIONS, bro. Nice one! Now, brace up for the journeys ahead!

  9. I dont read pidgin well but, congrats man! :)

  10.!/rammieJune 4, 2010 at 8:25 AM

    best of luck bro. be gud and cheer others up.

  11. Lol@@the pidgin!
    CONGRATULATIONS SIR!More Elbow Grease!

  12. Congrats Bruv. Cheers!
    Wish you all the very best with your pursuits.

  13. congrats oh, e no easy

  14. OMG Congrats!

    My results are coming out midnight so 2hours and 15mins left till I find out what degree I got! I completely related to this post, I will also be calling my mom at midnight to thank her.

    God bless you! Glad you made it!

    Congrats again xx


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