Friday, June 4, 2010

Stay Culturally Relvant!

We have to stay culturally relevant...

I hate it when Christians use the in this world but not of this world scripture to defend their not knowing anything that is happening around them... It is sickening. I don't believe that Jesus will not want me to know the trends of society... I have to know whats trendy so I can know the bext way to reach my generation with the good news!

I don't have much to say...Please just try and know what is happening... Jor... don't be like the pastor who did not know about Global warming...
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I was reading Bella Naija's blog. She had red carpet pictures of Hip Hop World Awards. I was happy looking at them till I saw Funmi Iyanda... (Sorry but I usually don't do this)

Ma, why? We love you too much. Why did you decide to wear this out?

Modenine too wore God knows what.. to an Award show???

He is the guy in the middle...can u imagine what he is rocking to an award show???

Then there is Kefee
Is this... No comments...,

Then whoever this is... what was she thinking

At least,TY Bello and Kemi Adetiba looked amazing

Nikki Laoye was aite...

And Kunle (Soulsnatcha from Rooftop MCs) shaved his head....nice

Please what is Funlola wearing?
For more of the pictures..check the Bella Naija site...

More pictures from our Final paper celebration...

Have a wonderful day...



  1. nice post. I went shopping looking for nice fashionable modest clothing and apparently that is not in style this season....
    All the best on you book!!!

  2. Thanks gal... Try C28 for cool clothes that express your faith

  3. what is Funmi wearing?? oh no she didnt!

    Congrats on your graduation,e no easy :-))

  4. I agree with keeping tabs on trends but we must make sure it doesnt consume us. I like the pics :)

    - LDP

  5. I quite agree with keeping tabs on current trends.
    Its quite annoying when christians, especially pastors refuse to that becos how are you suposd to take the gospel out there if yoou don't?
    As for the pictures, I reserve my comments!

  6. The bible also says my people perish for lack of knowledge.
    Saw the pictures as well on bella nija and just count help shaking my head at some of the outfits

  7. You are always hanging around women. Nice photos

  8. hilarious comment anon.

    check this out though,

    it's a new fashion video channel!

  9. I like wat Funlola is wearin. matter'fact its FABULOUS! fam


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