Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It is just a matter of time

There is so much we as individuals want to do. We have loads of dreams and many aspirations. We then try with all our might to achieve or to make these dreams come true and when they don't we get angry and give up. The truth is, it is only a matter of time.
You might say that is a cliche and you may not be wrong but one analogy drives my point home. Gold. Gold in its very raw form is far from desirable but when it goes through the fire a number of times, it becomes desirable. The word for today is that your dreams are in the fire, very soon YOU will be amazed at what you will see. You just know that it is only a matter of time.

P.S: I am sorry have not done blog rounds. Been very busy of late. Had to post this from my phone. Bear with me please.


  1. fire purifies !!
    its important to remind ourselves that trials Strengthen.
    FREETALK blog

  2. Amen. A big Amen to this. Loved it. Thanks. I've been busy too...still busy, but I'm glad I read this.

  3. Word!! Most times we worry about our future so much we don't enjoy the present.

  4. thanks for reminding me that worrying does not solve any problem. Just makes you bald early. Turn it over to the Master Planner and He will see you through.


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