Thursday, July 29, 2010

She's Outta My League

Do you ever get that feeling? Like that girl you desperately like is not gonna EVER want you. I think I can relate. Let me give you gist.

This girl and I went to high school together and we were friends. Good friends if I might add. Soon, we're out of high school and it is like I have feelings for her. I dismiss them 'cause they are not realistic, I mean we are in different locations and we don't even talk often. We have different likes and interests, it is crazy. So I decided we are staying FRIENDS.

Until last night when I had THE DREAM. In this dream, I am at a black tie party and she is in attendance and she is telling me about the guy she is tripping for. The guy is at this party and she is trying to get his attention but the guy no give am face. Anyways, she keeps trying and he still doesn't send her so I go to her and tell her to quit. The next thing she does is say she wants to make him jealous. I ask myself, how do you make him jealous when he does not know u exist. Before I could say anything she kisses me. After that, I remember us parting ways and the interesting part, me waking up.

Waking up, the first thing I did was smile. It is either I have been watching too many episodes of Girlfriends or watching to many romance movies or I need deliverance or God is saying let go or my flesh wants me to get her. I mean gone are the days when God 'shows guys their wives' in their sleep. Adam taught him a lesson so now guys have to find a good thing because whoever finds a good wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from God but that is talk for another day.

In summary, I came to one conclusion: She is WAY outta my league and it is good for both of us. I think we are better off as friends.

Till my next post,

I remain The Talkaholic.


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  1. I so agree, Harry. You'll find ur own IJN oh! B gd!

  2. you probably dreamed about her 'cos you've been thinking abut her 'like that'...

  3. I agree with Nakedsha, prob nothing more than that.

  4. I agree with Nakedsha too, but you'll find someone in your league one day very soon.

  5. You're Crazy man :)) Better go and return that kiss so she knows how you feel :)


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