Thursday, July 22, 2010

Living the life

#nowplaying (on the television) Raheem DeVaughn- I don t care (Don’t know and care for the song)

Have you felt like you been in a box and someone or something was sucking the air out?

Have you ever felt like you were climbing a ladder and you cannot climb higher even though there is room for further climbing?

Have you ever felt invisible, going through life like you are insignificant?

Have you gotten to a point where you don’t know anything anymore and when you want to tell someone what you are going through, you run out of the words to say?

Have you ever felt like you are not LIVING the LIFE?

I got two questions. What is living and what is life? Well, according to Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary says living is a way or style of life (there it is, life again). So what is life? According to the same dictionary, life is the experience and activities that are typical of all people’s existences or the experiences that are typical of the person’s life or a persons experience during their life or the activities that form a particular part of a person’s life.

I am not going to define “living the life” (sorry, do the math) but you will agree with me that living the life has to do with experiences and how these experiences are formed. So, if you have no experiences you have not lived. Or have you?

This has got my mind spinning. Can’t I learn from people experiences? How am I sure that my experiences are enough? Do I need more? Should I just learn from someone else’s?

I had to talk to My Father.

He did something. He took my mind back to the song “All you need” by Out of Eden..

Don't look no further cause iIm all you need

No matter the problem the answer's in Me
I'll give you courage and I'll give you peace
When you get tired you can lean on Me

Then He takes me to this part of the song

Oh it's hard to understand, that there is a master plan

That He's got our life in His hands and there is reason
And a time and season, to everything that comes along
Though it seems all faith is gone, just keep on believing
And You'll hear him say to you...

Wow. Hear I am trying to figure my life and here He is saying my life is in his hands. Is that not awesome? So here is what I will do
1. Love God
2. Love everyone else
3. Laugh more
4. Cry more
5. Take long walks in the evenings (Will have to carefully consider. In Las Gidi, especially Ebute Metta, evenings are nott he best time to be walking)
6. Eat healthy
7. Read more
8. Pray more
9. Be cool

Watch out for OUIView....It is gonna be legendary



  1. Lovely song! God is so faithful, he is indeed all that one needs!!!

    Love your TO-DO list...I might borrow some for myself ;-)

    Thanks for sharing...I needed that!

  2. @Blessings... Thanks girl. Glad I could be a blesing
    @eMJOY... thanks man
    @AlooFar...I have been good. Where you been?


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