Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It is Official!! I am too emotional

Nicholas Sparks is AWESOME!!

I saw The Last Song today and too say I was WOWed will not be saying anything. The movie is one of a kind. I was just cleaning my face over and over again. Why is it that Nick has a way of bringing out the same emotion in all his movies. Have you seen A Walk to Remember or The Notebook? Yeah... My thoughts exactly.

I think I want to write again. After my laptop was stolen and all my hard work gone, I became lazy. Watching this movie I realized, writing is my laugh and some electronic device will not be a determinant in me fulfilling my dreams. I am going to start the book over again and even though it will be hard, I will do it through Christ.

I am still in my emotional state. I don't know if it is the fact that it has to do with cancer or the fact that it was a beautiful movie or the fact that I have been mushy for a while now... WHATEVER it is, I am so happy I watched it. You should have seen me, it was like I felt what they were feeling and trust me, YOU have to watch it.

Now, I want to get ALL the books Nicholas Sparks has written and I want to get my reading on. And watch out for my book. It may drop sooner than you expect.

Till my next post,

I remain, The Talkaholic



  1. All the best on your journey of rediscovery. I'd be on the lookout for that book*

  2. I think the word is 'passionate about what i do' and not emotional!

    'The Notebook' and 'A Walk to Remember' are terrific movies, love em, i guess i'll look out for the last song.

  3. Then I must watch...The Notebook (1&2) are in my list to buy. If you liked those movies, probably you will like "Though None Go With Me".

    Long time, how are you doing?

  4. The last song is great, you'll also like the Time Traveler's Wife. Nicholas Sparks has a gift.

  5. i think the last song is crap.miley cyrus cant act to save her life.it was so corny i left in the middle of the movie and it wasnt worth the $8 i paid for it.

  6. I've come across that movie but never thot to see it.
    Maybe will do now on ur recommendation.
    I def agree,u need to get back on the grind!

  7. Thanks, I just added those 3 movies to my to watch list.

  8. I didn't expect to like a Miley Cyrus movie - I hear about her being famous in the eyes of ppl half my age, but loved the film, cried a lot too, liked her - her body is very full and special, and like you I thought the film was "different" , it captured a new culture from the usual.

  9. Miley Cyrus was in the last song? I'm def not watching.

    Nicholas Sparks loves writing Sad sad stories. I have seen 'A walk to remember' and read The Notebook & Message in a Bottle. After that I gave up. Same way I gave up on his sad sister Daniele Steele.lol


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