Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some peeps no dey fear sha!

Happy New month oh my people...

Na wa oh!!!

Just a day to my graduation and person don steal my lappy. No be small thing oh. I come room after convocation service (which was amazing by the way...Bishop Abioye is wonderful)... as I reach my room, I see sey dey don break my locker  and my laptop don go... all my works, my writings, my novels ,everything dey dat laptop and one person no fear... d guy enter my room, break my locker come steal my laptop... dat one kno come do am, he come steal my rommie lappy too...hmmmnn... I kno get plenty thing talk... I don report the thing to Baba God and I kno say whoever carry dat lappy go return am in Jesus name.

Tomorrow na d D-Day oh... E be like sey I wan piss for pant...

I go holla una later... 

#nowreading: Ted Dekker- Boneman's Daughter

Peace out people...

Coming soon from Harry Itie "The Musings of an ex-Prostitute..

PS: If you don't know, I got 11 nominations at the Nigerian Blog Awards... Check it out here


  1. Congratulations on your nominations (again). I have read BONEMAN'S daughter... Ted Dekker is amazing. Read his other books too.

    I'm sorry about your laptop. That's the world's way of saying 'Hey Harry, welcome to real life'...Congrats oh, my dear.

  2. YES OH...

    God dey sha... BTW Ted is too good... I can't wait to devour the

  3. Congratulations on your nominations and sorry about your laptop he shall return it be God's grace. Ameen

  4. Congratulations on your nominations and are stepping into the world. read Ted Dekker's Black, been looking for the rest of the trilogy.

  5. Congratulations: on your graduation, and your nominations, and your returned laptop{I pray they bring it back to you, and with interest too}.

  6. 1. Meeeeen, the laptopn thing's a major bummmer!!!You seem to be taking it quite calmly???N all ur writings too?!!!Hope u got some backups??
    Na wa o, my prayers follow after urs.

    2.Congrats on the Emmys.

    3. Musings of an Ex-Prostitute sounds interesting. Are there pieces already on blogger? Keep us posted.

  7. Congrats on your nomination...And I pray that your laptop is happened to me some months back n i cant begin to explain the anger i felt cos so many other things were taken as well...Dont worry, ull be fine!

  8. Musings of an ex-prostitute?

    Sorry about your laptop.

    Congrats you are a graduate!

  9. Sorry about the laptop jare. Someone wants your joy to be stolen...N'est pas possible.

  10. Sorry about your laptop, I hope you find it soon. More important I hope you had a back up of your documents?

    Congrats on the graduation and your nominations.

  11. Ted Dekker is going like Frank Peretti these days.

    I am so slow with blogrolls these days. hehe


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