Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey y'all... How has it been. I have missed blogville so much. How have you guys been. Well, I can't really talk much because I am using someone's PC but I got pics for you. So enjoy

Tolu Akanni's Book Launch
To all of y'all that were not at the launch of A-Z Life lessons by Tolu Akanni... you missed. God is just awesome, to think that we could have pulled it off was by the grace of God. You should have seen Tolu, I am so happy for him. Thank God for his many blessings. Also, I performed Keep Speaking and I was a nervous wreck... all in all it was good



Dami Macaulay

Bayo and Simi

The books on display

Ani and dami... the best MCs ever!!!

Tobi and I

The one and only...Seye

Give it up for Tosyne Bucknor

Ese in the building!!!

Tolu and I

Bayo, Tolu and Wale

more coming soon...


  1. Tolu and Harry...

    'Baaaaaad' guys

  2. nice pitures, so happy for tolu...

  3. this is really nice...but still the best is yet to come...even for you Harry!

  4. Nice.. Heard about the book launch..
    Nice pics.


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