Saturday, July 17, 2010

I bind every spirit of depression!!!!

#nowwatching Girlfriends

I am not endorisng this show...

I am trying so hard not to be depressed. It is like my life is spinning out of control. I need to do something, organise something. I need to work or better still I need to get away. I don't know what I am writing. Please check out The Eden Project and Anani Speaks. There are new things there for you to see.

This is me at the John Maxwell event

Peace in the Middle East... lol

Gotta go...


PS: Please download the Poetically Speaking single here. God bless


  1. I loveeeee girlfriends! its my fave show!!!!

  2. Remember the post, "Are we there yet?" It is'll be fine...just tap into the best thing you can be right now...leave the future in the hands of Your Master Potter. Embrace your days and seek the joy for today, let tomorrow worry about itself.

  3. No matter what you're going thru...remember that it's only to God and he'll run to you!


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