Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pain of Separation 10

Hey guys. Seems we have gotten to the end of this story. Thanks guys for the support and reading my attempt at writing out of the box. Hopefully, more stories will come from me soon. If you have not read the previous instalments, please do so before reading this one.
It had been two years since I was in Cupid's Park. I remember the last time I was here, I told my ex to leave me alone. He is a sweet guy and even though I am married to the sweetest Urhobo man in the world, I still miss Tope. There is something about your first love that you can't let go.
I remember the last time we were in Cupid's park together. He told me to look into his eyes and tell him I did not love him. Truth is, I could do that even though I did love him. My life is not a romance movie so the boy gets girl theory doesn't always work.
I told him off including his mother and the next thing I know they are at my doorstep apologising. It was sweet and I thought we were going to be saying our final goodbyes. Well, I guess I was wrong. Tope kissed me and his kiss is so... Words can't describe it. It was amazing and very scary. After the kiss, he just walked out. Who does that? We didn't see for two whole weeks. It was good because it gave me time to come clean with Ovie. We then decided to tell Tope to back off so we could save our marriage. Tope amazed us and showed up in my office, telling Ovie and I he was going to back off. We were impressed and told him he didn't have to come to our wedding if he didn't want to. A part of me, hope he came and he did and I was happy.
I have not heard from Tope since I went back to LA. Attempted to see him when I came into Nigeria but I changed my mind. Let me just see my mother and go back to the US.
I walk to the statue of Cupid and I could still see the inscriptions on Cupid's heart. I guess Cupid could not make that relationship work. I turn around and standing behind me is Tope Taiwo.
"Tope! How long have you been behind?" I ask him
"Just a couple of minutes" he is smiling "how are you Jumy?"
"I am ok. Came into Nigeria for my mum's 50th birthday"
"Oh. So we are going to party hard right?" He said.
"Yes oh"
"Is Ovie not coming for the birthday?" He asks
"He is. He flies in tomorrow"
It felt good seeing him again.
"So what are you doing here?" I ask
"I am meeting someone here" he says. Just then a tall, light skinned girl advances towards us.
"Jumy, meet my darling wife, Bola. Bola, this is the famous Jumy"
I am in shock!

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  1. 1st on my 1st blog comment. I have been following your story, with much excitement. Didnt think it would end like this, though am glad they both moved on. Bravo. Well done, you write beautifully. Looking forward to your next one. You make me wanna start blogging.

  2. Nice...would need to read the rest though. Good stuff*

  3. I just started reading this but I am already hooked..

  4. Nice ending. Why is Jumy shocked?shey he should not move on with his life abi wetin? Hiss

  5. Lol. Nice finale.

    I agree that Jumy should not be shocked. A little sad, yes, but not shocked. She made a choice, and her choice was Ovie.

    Lovely short story overall.

  6. great!!!!!!!! short story...but twas totally great!

  7. You broke all the cliches and you gave us a great story. I loved it!

  8. ahh...i missed the whole series...when i have time i will try to read them all

  9. Nice story and I agree with Myne. You broke all the cliches.

    Good work

  10. ok.. i think i just cried. hehehe!


    Why cant love stories end the way we want them to? why?????

    Ayway.. thanks for this story. MAde me smile and think: "Hmmm.... its better to love and lost..than never to have loved at all.. because surely, love will find you back, at the right time..with the right person."

    Cheers, dear!


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