Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Thoughts

New week... New possibilities.

That is my motto for this week. For God to enable me see this week, I believe He has got so much in store for me.

Currently, I am working on the new YADA website and God knows I want it to be one of the best information sites in Nigeria. The thing is, there is so much work to be done and there is that feeling that the site won't be good enough. You have no clue how my mind has been spinning when I saw a new site similar to mine.

Despite all of these, I choose to meditate on this one thing only "New week... New possibilities". Today offers me a fantastic opportunity to be the best at what I do. This is not ambition speaking but an opportunity to make a difference and affect my generation and the one to come positively.

I am so grateful for this new week. God is going to use me in ways you can only imagine.

Have a blessed week yourself.


Ps: if you missed the Pain of Separation series, make sure you check it out.

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  1. Have yourself a splendid week...and hey all the best!

  2. truly inspiring ...continue to confess what is not as if it were and im sure you will walk into the manifestation of your confessions...(lol im sounding like a pastor..)

    wish you all the best

  3. It's only normal to feel like this, I would have been surprised if u ddnt feel like this...
    I guess I knw the site that looks like worries, u'l surpass them

    Just keep ur head high


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