Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pain of Separation 5

If you have not read the previous instalments, please read them before you start this one.
I have missed Cupid's Park
The place has changed since the last time I was there. That was 10 years ago. I couldn't bear to go back there, not after what happened there. I still have pieces of my heart, scattered all over the place.
I took my seat on the bench were Jumy and I loved to sit. Even though the bench had changed colour from red to green, there was no way I would have forgotten that bench. Opposite it was the statue of cupid. Jumy always had an issue with that statue. She said it was weird and tacky and that cupid is something you see in American movies and not in a park in Surulere.
I walked to the statue to look for where we inscribed our names. Ok. I inscribed the name while she just ooed and aaahed. I went to the chest and I saw it "Tope & Jumy. Together forever" I remember her asking why the chest and I tell her so that our love will be safe in Cupid's heart. Well, I guess cupid failed us.
I turn away from the statue and approach the bench when I see her again. She looked stunning; her hair down to her shoulders, her gown looking amazing. Her earrings sparking in the night and her eyes...
"Hey. What you doing here and have you been crying?"
She nods her head and takes her seat on the bench. She pulls a ribbon from her bag and ties her hair at the back.
"I saw your mum today. At the Otuba Gbenga's party" she says. She is looking at the cupid statue, her leg crossed.
"That explains the dressing. And the tears" I tell her
My mother has NEVER liked Jumoke, not for a second. When I told her Jumy and I had broke up, she was happy. Thanking God for delivering her son from the clutches of a gold digger.
"Your mum hates me and I don't blame her but you have to talk to her. She told Ovie about us" she said
"Oh so you didn't tell him?" I asked. Why did she not tell him.
"I didn't see the point?" She says almost immediately
"You didn't see the point of telling him about your first love. Or wasn't I your first love?" I could feel my temper rise.
"That doesn't have to do with anything. I love Ovie and the past is the past OK? I moved on and I could not carry baggage from my past-"
"Now what we had was baggage. Jumy-"
"Jumoke! Call me Jumoke don't call me Jumy! What are you doing here anyway?"
"Last I checked you met me here"
"Whatever" she stands up and starts to walk away. I go after her.
"Jumy. Sorry. Jumoke. Can you look me in my eye and say you don't love me"
"I can look into anybody's eyes and say anything. I am a legal practitioner. I do that on a daily. It was a mistake going to your restaurant. It was a mistake going for a party where I was going to run into your mother. But I want to stop making mistakes. In 3 weeks, I am going to marry Ovie and I am going to move with him to LA. The faster you deal with it the better for you"
With that she begins to walk away again. She stops in her tracks and comes back to me.
"One more thing. Tell your mother, that the nervous little girl she met 13 years ago is all grown up. She thinks this is a charade? Tell her if she messes with me or my wedding, your heart will be the least thing she would be worried about. It has been 10 years. She should let it go"
She turns back and walks out into the darkness. I go back to the bench and in anger, I stone the statue.
Jumy just ran a dagger through my heart, again!
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  1. Oh wow...I'm loving this story Harry! Keep writing...very interesting!

  2. I long the way this is going. It was a long read all the way form Part 1 but so worth it.

    Keep it going!

  3. "I remember her asking why the chest and I tell her so that our love will be safe in Cupid's heart." Lol Harry...cheesy...but cute.

    Awwwww...that trick question, "Can you look me in the eye and say you don't love me?" That question does it all the time. Lol.

    Harry've made me fall in love with the series with this one post. He went back to stone the statue. Ha ha ha.

  4. You're removing all the cliches, this is great!


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