Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pain of Separation 6

If you have not read the previous instalments, please do before you start this one.
I have been crying for 3 days straight.

I don't know whether it was the run in with Mrs. Taiwo or my fallout with Tope at the park or the fact that Ovie forgave me despite my keeping Tope away from him but I have been crying.

If it is Mrs. Taiwo, I am trying to understand why I am very angry with her. I used a friend of Tope to travel. Maybe I am not a gold digger but at the same time... A girls gotta live the life

Looking at Tope that evening at Cupid's Park and saying those things were hard. Tope was right. I still loved him. I wanted to kiss him and tell him I was sorry for leaving him. But is love enough for a good and healthy marriage?

And Ovie. He is sent from heaven. He is everything I have dreamed in a guy. He is loving kind and we share the same mindset. We are perfect for each other.

A knock on my door jolts me back to the present. My mother opens the door and walks in. She gets herself comfortable on my bed, puts my head on her shoulder and starts stroking my hair. My mother always knows the right things to do. The woman is just too amazing.

"Mum. Am I a bad person?" I ask her

"What are you trying to do? Find yourself?" my mum asked me. It is true what they say. Nigerians answer questions with questions.

"Maybe" I reply her

" Sweetie. If at 31 you still have not found yourself, why are you getting married?" My mum tells me, maintaining the same position.

I pause and think about what she just said and she had a point. I should know what I want.

"So what is it?"

"I have feelings for Tope and Ovie" I tell her

"A double minded man or woman is unstable in all his ways"

My mother sef. She just has to find a way to bring Bible inside the matter. There is a knock on the main door and my mum and I get up from my bed, advance to the sitting room so we can open the door. My mum take a seat and I go and open the door and guess who was there...

Tope and HIS MOTHER!!!

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  1. Ah Ahn what do they want again??

  2. Oooommmmmggggg!!! Hmmm...I wonder!

  3. Hmmm,okkkkkk, what happens next man?!!!

  4. gen gen....impatiently waiting

  5. Lol @ mummy...yes o, knock that unstable scripture in.

    Tope and his mother? Oh wow...drama!!!

    Did I already tell you I am enjoying the series? I don't think I've seen this 'writing' side of you yet. You can tell a good story.


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