Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pain of Separation 8

If you have not read the previous instalments, please check them out before reading this one.
It has been two weeks since the kiss and I have been avoiding Tope like crazy. What was he thinking? Kissing me and running off like that. who does he think he is? Does he think this is a romance movie where you kiss the girl before her wedding and then run away and the girl runs after you and says how she made a mistake and then you guys get back together and you live happily ever after. Well, this shorty made no mistake.

I have thought about everything. I mean, I had a long talk with Ovie yesterday and I opened up to him. We thought it best to set the record straight with Tope so as soon as Ovie arrives, we are going to the restaurant to resolve this.

Tope was a darling, no doubt. He was an amazing boyfriend, lover and friend and to say that I am going to miss having him in my life will be an understatement. Truth is, we have a lot of memories and these memories will remain in my heart but I feel there is a point in a person's life when they realize that there is so much more to life. Love is not the only thing to consider whrn you want to get married to a person. I mean, love can really be intoxicating during the engagement period but after you get married you realize that you guys are not compatible. Your choices are different; spiritually, financially and every other "lly". I cannot deal with that. Tope has told me he does not want to marry a woman who is like his mother and I see myself evolving to be her.

Ovie comes into my office and I know it is time for us to go and do the main deal. Just then, my secetary buzzes my phone and I answer.

"Yes, Busayo"

"Ma, there is a Mr. Taiwo here to see you"

Ovie gives me the look.

What is Tope doing here?


  1. oh WOW!!!! Can't wait to see what's gonna happen nxt!!!

  2. The suspense grows with each post...till your next post

  3. "Your choices are different; spiritually, financially and every other "lly". I cannot deal with that."

    I like the way you coined those two sentences.

  4. but on the real though... these Taiwo's sef!


Oya you sef talk ya own!!!