Monday, August 9, 2010

Pain of Seperation 7

Hey guys. We are currently rounding up the Pain of Separation series. Thanks for the comments and the love. The series will end in the 10th instalment so keep your fingers crossed. Also, if you have not read the previous instalments, do so before reading this one.
I knew Jumoke would be shocked to see my mum and I in her house. Thing is, I had to do what I had to do. If we are all going to be moving on we should do so on a good note.

Jumoke and her mum invited us in, we did and made ourselves comfprtable on their sofa. I looked over at my mum and it was so obvious she was very uncomfortable. This woman sef. She cannot just act like she is accumstomed to he lifestlye of the middle class. Now,I am sounding like her. After a few moments of awkward silence, I speak up.

"Jumoke, I know you and my mum have not been the best of friends and so my mum has something she wants to tell you. Mum"

I look at my mum and I know she is going to have a hard time doing this but this was the only way I could at least get myself into Jumy's good books again.

"Jumoke, this is hard for me to say-" My mum pauses and looks at me. I motion to her to continue and she does "I am sorry for all the times I have insulted you. I am sorry about the times I made fun of your background. I respect you as a person and I don't think you are a gold digger"

My mum looks at me and I nod my head. She stands up and says "I'll be in the car". Jumoke stands up and tells her she appreciates me it and apologizes to. She sees my mum off to the door and closes it behind her.

I look at Jumoke and I can tell she is happy. If only she knew that my mother did not mean any of those words she said. According to my mum, her opinons about Jumoke will not change and  she did this because I begged her to. Inasmuch as I want to move on and walk away from it all, my feelings for Jumy are still strong.

Jumoke's mum excuses us and goes into the room and as soon as she does. Jumoke speaks

"I think what your mum did was cool. Thank you. Even though I know she didn't mean it" We both smiled. I love Jumy's smile it is wwhat I describe as captivating.

"Well, at least it counted for something" I told her "Goodbye Jumy" I told her

"Bye Tope" She said. I go over to her and give her one last hug.

But somehow, my lips find a way to hers and I have the bess kiss of my life...


  1. LOL...Tope, is he ready for Jumoke? We'll see..

  2. Somehow i felt a pinprick in my heart when i breathed after reading this. Whew!!! Nice one Harry :)

  3. These people should end up together Harry...or

  4. holding my breath till the end of the story...nice one

  5. They kissed. Definitely would evoke more feelings. iLaugh.

  6. arrghhh! at this point in time i m feeling soryr fo Ovie! I mean poor boy!!! arrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why drag him into this. I am all for love but i always feel sorry for the innocent ones.

  7. I will stop here today and will be back to read the rest. Enjoying the story. I think Tope and Jumy might be kindling the fire they'd both not be able to quench. *sigh*

    - LDP


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