Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pain of Separation

I am still in shock.
I mean it was perfect. We were going to get married after graduation. We were in LOVE. Everybody knew us. From our first year to our final year, we maintained a consistent relationship. We planned everything and managed to convince our parents why we needed to get married after graduation. I was gonna be a chef, she was gonna be an event planner/decorator. We were going to live very simple lives but most importantly, we were going to be very happy.
On graduation night after all the celebration, Jumoke and I took a walk to Cupid's Park (It was where we met and it became our spot). I noticed that Jumoke looked very distant but I knew what was going to cheer her up. So what I did was as soon as we sat down, I got on my knees and brought out the engagement ring I have been saving for for 2 yrs.
"Jumoke, will you marry me, officially" I asked her
We have always talked about the moment when we would make the proposal official so I expected her to laugh or smile or something. Instead, she burst into tears.
"I can't, Tope" she said admist her tears.
"You can't do what?" I asked her. There is no way Jumoke was going to break up with me.
"I want to get an MBA, I want to go to Law School. I want to be rich and famous. I want to be on the cover of Genevieve Magazine and I know it may sound conceited, it is the truth. You want a simple life and I don't think I want a simple life. We are 21 and I have so much I can do. Its a world of possibilities out there and I don't want to be the wife of the owner of the small fast food down the street who plans mini events. I love you and I really do but I can't marry you. I pray God gives you a girl that will want the same thing"
She stood up still in tears, gave me a kiss on my head and walked away. I was in shock and could not contain myself. I just sat there a wreck and I could not go after her.
Now 10 years has passed, and there she is in my small restaurant/coffee shop. Looking radiant as usual. I should have gone after her. I should have chased her. I tried calling her 2 days after but she had travelled. I have to talk to her.
"Jumoke Johnson" I said, standing in front of her table
"OMG! Tope Taiwo" she stands up and gives me a hug "How have you been?"
"Good. I am on my lunch break. Do you work here?"
"I own this place" at that moment a tall, dark handsome guy works in and puts his arm around her.
"Tope meet my fiance, Ovie. Ovie this is Tope"
I am in shock
Watch out for more
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  1. lol ouch. this will continue won't it. I enjoyed this small teaser, she was right...for now.

  2. wow!!! Just the kind of story i like :)

    Cant wait!!! Nice one!!! *giggling*

  3. Hehe, more than a true story, nyc, I like buh does it cont or am I left with d cre8v power of my imagin8n

  4. Oh! My what a story! A very sad one I must say (sobbs) u can't blame her! We all ave dream! It her choice if she wants to pursue it! If u love her u will let her be! Like pple always say"fish plenty for water" ull always gett anoda ghur! Stop sulking and move d fuck on! Nice story I must say, n kip me posted on d rest

  5. Nice one...do not keep us in suspense for long oh

  6. Abeg come and continue o! I like.

  7. Yay, you're writing again. Please continue soon. I love this.

  8. now you're back...seatbelt fastened! :)

  9. Oh wow, you're giving us some good fiction story here. Really nice. Want more.

  10. Love this....more pleasssssssseeee!!!

  11. Nice story bro... unity of purpose should be there if marriage is going to work. I think I support Jumoke's decision.

    - LDP


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