Sunday, August 1, 2010

Inception: Classic or Classic

Yesterday, I had the privilege to see the best movie of 2010, Inception.

To understand what I just said, you will have to see the movie. Till now, the movie is having my head spinning. Couple of things I need to highlight though.

First, Leonardo is back!

Second, the film was brilliantly shot bin four locations: Tokyo, France, USA and Canada.

Third, if you thought Juno was the last bus stop for Ellen Page, you thought wrong. The girl is back and better.

Fourth, even though the movie is Sci-fi, EVERYONE can relate to it. You won't be able to relate to it if you don't dream and since we all dream, we can all relate to it.

Fifth, not because everyone can relate to it but not everybody will relate to it. I am just saying..

Truth is there is so much I will love to say about the movie but I can't. There are no words to describe how the movie rocks. The movie focuses on Leonardo' s character who is an extractor; this means that he has the ability to access your mind and thoughts through your dream. Need I say more. I can't even effectively review it so I employ GO and SEE the movie (preferably at the movies) and answer the question; is the movie a classic or a classic.

Till my next post,

I remain, The Talkaholic

PS: if this movie doesn't bag an oscar next year...
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  1. Gosh!!! I really need to take my ass to the cinema and watch this movie. People have been hyping it.

  2. i totally agree, lovedddd it!

  3. It is a must see o, no two ways about it. Will still review up

  4. Lucky you Harry. I'm jealous. My last post was about my aborted trip to The Palms to see it yesterday. Hope to see it by weekend. The hype is just too baaaaad!

  5. word fam. word.


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