Sunday, September 26, 2010

No Air

I wrote this during a really dark period in my life. I so don't feel like this anymore but I love how the poem sounds.

The room is stuffy,
There is no way out,
The doors are shut,
There is a pipe sucking out the oxygen.
Air. Give me air. I need some air.
The walls move closer,
I am in the darkness.
Can't break out,
I am boxed in,
Slipping into the deep,
Going around in circles,
No air, no oxygen.
I am choking,
I can't breathe,
I open my mouth,
And nothing comes out.
My mind screams give me air,
I need some oxygen,
I want to breathe,
I bang at the walls,
I scream "let me out!"
But the walls are caving in.
I hold my throat, my mouth is open
And my tongue is out,
I scream again and drown into a state of nothingness.
There is no air.

Ps: I am totally fine now. There is so much air everywhere. Lol


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  1. take it easy dear. sad poem. lovely blog though.

  2. Gheez bruv! I was reading and feeling like I was suffocating as well... Nice one. Thank God u don't feel like this anymore :)

  3. Glad you're feeling better, this was a sad poem.

  4. Everbody gets into this place sometimes the important thing is getting out

  5. I'm glad that you're in a better place now!!!

  6. Thank God that this is history...

    Did you get my message in reply to yours?


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