Thursday, September 30, 2010

Calling on all of blogville

Hey guys,
How has the week been going? I have been having an awesome week no doubt. Been making a few decisions and trusting God for my future. That is what we are supposed to do right?

Anyways, as you all know Yada is something I started last year and as at last month it evolved into a website. I am trying to build an online community with Yada so I need your help.

First, I need you to be fans of the Yada fan page on facebook. Click here to do that. Also, when you do that invite all your friends and folks that read your blog to be fans to.

The second thing I need you to help me do is bookmark the site or subscribe to receive feeds from the site. The URL for the website is Please go there and follow

Also, I want to encourage you to please leave comments on the articles as you read them. And please recommend my site to your readers.

Thanks blogville for your continued support. Special thanks to Myne Whitman, GoodNaijaGirl, Seye, Jabez, NakedSha, RoseofSharon, Wise Sage, D-i, Brown Sugar, Tolu, Jaycee, my new cool friend and Poet, Nwando and everyone who has contributed their time and skill to the website.

God bless you.

Lets make this work...


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  1. Great job with YADA.
    We still need to speak., I have some issues to discuss about YADA.


Oya you sef talk ya own!!!