Friday, October 8, 2010

Awake 002

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It has been three days since I got out of coma. How have I been? Don't ask at all. Maybe I should have died that night because I do not see the point for my waking up. Coma for 10 years? The first thing rational-me would ask would be "is that even possible" but it happened to me so that makes it very possible.

I am still in my mother's house. Apparently, our old apartment at the Ikeja GRA is gone. I hear Ifeoma has moved her things to her husband's house in Lekki and she moved all my things here. All my life, I imagined myself retiring when I was 40, leaving in the Bahamas with my family. Now I am 46 and I am back to square one. No house, no job, no wife... Everything is gone, apart from my son. I should have died.

A part of me understands why Ifeoma married again and a part of me hates her. Even though, the day they removed me from life support was the day I got out of coma, she could have waited. Let me be certified dead and let my organs be sent to some hospital in China. Well, at least she waited for 8 years (so I was told).

The worst part of her getting married was the guy she married. She married Dotun Coker. Seriously? That guy was a spoilt rich kid with no morals. He had the hots for her when we were at the University and he even proposed to her on the morning of our wedding. And now, Ifeoma decides to marry him? What is that? I also heard he has been married twice and this will be his third marriage. No comments.

I am happy for her though. If this is what she wants, I support her. Just don't know how she can explain been married to two guys at once. I get up and move to the television. Things have really changed. Heard Luther Vandross died and that Michael Jackson died last year. Things have really changed. I turn off the TV. It is a reminder of how much I have missed.

I go back to my seat and rest my head back. I close my eyes and began to dream about my life before the accident. It was awesome and it felt like I was living the dream. I guess after a while, you would have to stop dreaming. I was getting lost in my fantasy when I heard my name. The voice was familiar and I couldn't forget the voice or the accent even if I was in coma for 30 years. Heard the voice and I opened my eyes.


She had tears in her eyes. She looked like she wanted to run and hug me but she couldn't. A few seconds passed and I realize why she couldn't hug me.

Dotun Coker.

He kisses her on the cheek and comes over to me.

"Thank God you are alive"

When the hell did he turn religious????

"Kola, it is good to see you. My wife and I rushed back from Paris as soon as we heard the news"

Now I am going to kill him.
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  1. hehehehe...I like this more and more. Well done Harry, seriously!

  2. Now this isn't fair one bit!
    This is much too short!
    It goes to show how good this is..


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