Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Awake 001

Pitch blackness.

I can feel my back. It hurts like hell. Its like I over slept. Or did I?

Flashes from the night started coming back to me. Oh no! I was crossing the street. I look to my right and I see a bright light and

My eyes open. I had an accident. I was going to get Ifeoma's inhaler from the store and I had an accident. Ifeoma is my wife. Come to think of it, where is she? I look around and I noticed a machine by the bed side. I guess I got hit by a car and I was rushed to the hospital. Wait! This is not a hospital. There is a poster of Abba on the wall. I am in my old room. What am I doing here? Why am I not in a hospital or in my house.

I open my mouth to speak but it is dry and I am very thirsty. I close it again. Where is everybody? Where is Ifeoma? Where is my son? And if I am in my old room, where is my mother?

At that moment, a lady enters with an older woman and they are engaged in a conversation when the younger lady notices me staring at her.

"Jesus!" She screams in shock. The older lady turns to see what shocked this lady who I am guessing is a doctor and the older woman is in shock because the last time I saw my mother, her hair was more black and grey and she was VERY fashion concious. This woman looked old, tired and unkempt.

"Kolawole. Oko mi" she screams with joy and jumps all around, singing praises to God in Yoruba. The younger lady recovers slowly from her shock and joins my mother in rejoicing.

My mum comes to my bedside and gives me a hug. I respond and we lock up in a tight embrace for a while. After we refrain from hugging, I ask the million dollar question.

"Where is Ifeoma? And Adebayo. Our eight year old son?" I ask my mother. She looks at me for a while, gives me a kiss on my head and leaves the room. In a few moments, she returns with a young man. He was handsome and looked very puzzled to see me. Before I could say "mother of God" he comes to me and gives me a tight hug. Still confused, I look at my mum and she understands me perfectly

"Kola, this is Bayo, your son. You have been in coma for ten years"

At that moment, my heart skips a beat and I look across the room at the mirror on d night stand to my mum and my son who has at the last time I saw him was not even 10...

I ask the next question

"Where is Ifeoma?" I had to ask for my wife. It was important I did.

My mother comes to my side, puts my hand in her hand and says I should get some rest. I look into her eyes again and I ask her for my wife.

"Ifeoma is on her honeymoon. She got married two days ago"

This time my heart skipped two beats...

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  1. Poor guy. Sure he would have rather remained in the coma

  2. Good work.. Waiting for the next episode..

  3. homie got some suspense skills going on.... nice one Itie. go JOY

  4. You're really getting better Harry, I loved the ending. Kudos!

  5. Love this concept! Looking forward to the next episode!!


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