Friday, November 19, 2010

How did I get here?

It was one of those days. I woke up from a short sleep and the first thing I did was check my phone. If I was with my BlackBerry, I would have probably checked that first. I checked for missed calls and new messages. It wasn't like I was going to call or text back. I just needed to see if someone had tried to reach me. You know how "important" I am.

I get up, watch TV, brush my teeth, take a bath, drink a glass of water and I am out. In Out of Eden's word, I needed to go "kick it and hangout" with friends, acquaintances and even enemies. It is pretty cool to just hangout and interact with people. Is it not? 

In the evening I go home, eat and watch TV and wish my life was a combination of all the shows I watch minus all the drama... and as I watch the show.... I sleep off.... and wake up the next morning....and the cycle continues....

How did I get here?

When did I switch priorities? When did "hanging out and having fun" become the core of my existence? Am I on earth to party hard and shayo and be popular? Am I here to club and stay relevant on the social scale? Am I here to just live my life for myself? Am I here to chill at the "hottest spots" and do I "Thank God Its Friday" so I can go out and "unwind" or am I meant to relax and enjoy the little things?

A while back, I asked God that I wanted to live so simple. According to Ms. Orrico "much less is more". I told him I wanted to be true to Him. You know? Just live my life so that it can shout of His fame. I told him I want to live a life of impact and of difference. I told him I didn't want to go through the motions: I didn't want to live my life just randomly... you know....
So how did I get here?

I want you to pause and look over your life and ask yourself how you got to were you are? Was this the place you hoped to be? What are your priorities? What are the things you consider important? Why do you do what you do? Are you making a difference?

Search yourself. 

Make adjustments.

Live the difference.


PS: Zamfara has beautiful water lilies


  1. Nice post and food for thought.

    ps, Don't tell me it's only pictures of water lilies you brought back from Zamafara? :)

  2. lol!!! @ Myne :)
    @ Harry: WORD, thanks for this...

  3. So, is this pic from Zamfara? I like it.

    Oh and, great post! I hope you stay on the track you wish to be on.

    All the best!

  4. I just think of that 'lull' as a brief stop to take stock and get the next plan/show on the road..
    And also as a time to rest..

  5. Are you redeploying?

    I thank God you had the time to pause, look back and know your priorities are changing. It is better you did it now that when it seemed you had strayed too far. Anytime I look at where I am and I notice my priorities are changing (and shifting away from God) I run back immediately because without Him I am nothing.

    Meanwhile, did you get my mail? How is everything with you?


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