Thursday, November 25, 2010

Awake 004

If you have not read the previous instalments do that before you start this one
We had a daughter?
Is Ifeoma trying to play a silly prank? What does she mean by we had a daughter?
I already asked my mother to come and explain because I don't seem to understand what is going on. What is Ifeoma trying to tell me?

My mother walked in and she could see the anger and the hurt in my eyes. I stopped pacing aimlessly around my room and took a seat on my very scattered bed. My mum dragged a chair from the corner and took her seat directly opposite me.

"She told you right?" She said looking in my eyes
"Was she not meant to tell me I had another child?" I asked my mother because she was confusing me
"Well, she was but at least not now. With everything that has been happening, she wasn't meant to say anything"
"Ok. Where is she?"
"My daughter"
"She died"

What is going on? God why did you bring me back? I am hating my life right now.

"It was after your accident. Ifeoma fainted in the hospial. We realized she was pregnant. The child died 2 days after delivery"

I looked at her speechless


"Congenital heart disease"

"But, she could have pulled through"

"That was what we thought. I am sorry"

"I want to be alone"

"I will be downstairs if you need me" I told her

Why me? Why? I don't get how I am to wake up to te horrors of this life. I can't handle it. No I can't.

I look on my dresser and I see the drugs the doctors had prescribed for me. I open my bedside fridge and bring out a bottle of water.

In 2 minutes I had done it. All the drugs were in my system and I was slipping into darkness...

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  1. he did wat!?! (rhetorical question oh)

  2. Ok...I better go read the other installments to catch up...

  3. Good going..
    Loving the story so far..

  4. welcome


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