Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Love Story


Missing the train to Bayville on Christmas Eve was most definitely not part of the plan for Tosin Jacobs, even though missing the train will not be a bad idea.

Tosin seemed to have the life everybody craved for. A creative director position in the largest magazine in Africa, the house by the beach and of course the fat bank account. He was also listed on the top 100 most eligible bachelors in Africa and a recipient of the Chief Obadare Excellence in Media award. He was to be envied by his peers and most aspiring media practitioners considered him a role model. He was living the life.

Tosin could not care less about any of these things. He had lost the most important thing in his life 10 christmases ago and he had not recovered. His father who was EVERYTHING to him died on christmas morning. It was not the best of times in their family but everybody had got through it and moved on. They only wish they could say the same for Tosin. He poured his heart out to his work and came home only for Christmas because it was his father's remembrance.

Tosin got into the train and started moving to the first class coach when he saw her. They were best friends all their lives but after his father's death, he moved away and shut her out. Now he was seeing her for the first time in ten years and she still looked awesome. Her long dark weave flowed down to her shoulders and he could see her beautiful lashes as she looked out the window. He had to call her name.


She turned almost immediately and as soon as she saw him she let out a silent gasp. She could not believe he was standing before her.


She stood up and for a minute they just stood there looking at each other until Omada made a move and gave him a quick hug.

"How you been?" Tosin asked her

"I have been great. I guess you are too. I mean everyone in the city knows about you" she said smiling as she spoke

Tosin still could not believe his eyes. Omada was looking very beautiful. It was like she had evolved from the silly tomboy with braces to a beautiful young woman.

"Tosin? You are not saying anything" she said, snapping into his thoughts.

"Don't mind me. Still can't believe I am staring at you"


An announcement comes for the passengers to take their seat.

"Come and sit with me in the first class coach" he asked her

"Yea. I'll just walk in with my economy ticket" she said. She took her seat and crossed her legs

A teenage boy not older than 16 came and sat beside Omada. A thought came to his mind.

"Hey man. This is your luck day, how about you take my ticket and you give me yours?"

"Really? You wanna trade first class for this?" He asked him


"Merry Christmas" the boy said in delight as he and the boy exchanged tickets.

"You know you didn't have to do that" Omada told him

"It has been a while. I couldn't just walk by and act like you don't exist" he told her

"Well you did it successfully for 10 years, I am sure a day won't have done anything to you"

"That is not fair"

"Really. It is not? Please T. What is not fair is you going away for 10 years and not making an attempt to see me. That is what is wrong" she looks at him and she sees he is smiling. "And why are you smiling?"

"You called me T" he said. He was grinning now

"No I didn't" she said

"Yes you did" he told her

"Whatever" she said as she continued to stare out the window.

The train began to pull out of the station. It was gonna be an interesting ride...

Watch out for the final instalment tomorrow

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  1. Interesting,can't wait 2 read the suspense

  2. Wonderful piece! Lookin forwartd to d next installment!

  3. A wonderful Christmas story it is, can't wait to read the rest.

    Merry Christmas to you


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