Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Love Story 002

Merry Christmas guys. Hope you are having a blast. I know I am. Well, I am about to bring you guys the final instalment of the christmas love story. Hope you like it and if you have not read the first part, do so before reading this one.
Christmas lunch at the Jacob's house was always full of activity. People making jokes about the previous christmas. Tosin remembered the times when he used to actually love these dinners. Usually, he dreaded this occasions 'cause of the loss of his father but now he dreaded it for something else. He would rather be with Omada.

The train ride to Bayville was the best hour of his life. Omada and I talked through out and he even had the driver that came to pick him from the station, drop her at her house. Since then he hadn't been able to get her out of his mind. His mind trailed back to the conversation on the train.

"So do you want to talk about what happened 10 years ago?" She asked him

"No. I don't think so" he started fidgeting with the button on his suit

"And why don't you want to talk about it?" She asked him. She was looking directly at him and he was avoiding her eyes.

"Because its not important"

"Yea. You drop a bomb on me and the next thing you were gone. For 10 whole years! And you say it is not important?"

Tosin could remember that night. He had told her that they had been best friends all their lives but he didn't want to be best friends again. He wanted to be her boyfriend. Omada was in shock when he told her so he said he was going to let her sleep on it and they would talk about it on christmas day. Well, that was the morning his father died and immediately after the burial, he left without saying good bye.

"You were in shock when I told you"

"That was expected"

"What if you didn't feel the same way. What if you loved me and you ended up dead or something. I don't know. I was scared. I was afraid"

"Fear never gets us anywhere Tosin. You are a man. The worst I would have said was that I wanted to stay friends. That never hurt anyone"

"You think?" He was looking at her

"I know" the train stopped at the station as she said it. They climbed out and didn't say a word till they got to her house. Just before she got out she looked at him and said "meet me at the mango tree by 4pm. I have a christmas gift for you"

He smiled. The mango tree was their 2nd home. They practically grew up there. He wondered what she wanted to give him.

After lunch, Tosin wore his jeans and a faded blue t shirt and he made his way to the mango tree. He got there and started walking round the tree when he heard Omada's voice from the top of the tree.

"Yes we are still climbing the tree" she was smiling. She knew he didn't expect her to climb the tree after all there years.

He climbed it and balanced on a branch opposite to her.

"Wow. Who would have thought at 30 we would still be climbing trees"

"I would" she laughed

"You look beautiful" he told her

"I know right?" She said and smiled. He smiled back. She always knew how to make me smile

"So what is this gift you want to give me?"

"Well, someone once said everything happens for a reason and that maybe two people get close for a particular reason. I have been in four relationships in this last decade and you, Oluwatosun Isaiah Jacobs-" she paused and they laughed "Tosin, I want to be with you. I don't know how you feel or if these feelings have died but I know that for ten years, all I wanted was you. Anytime I look at your picture in the tabloids, all I wanted was you. So my gift to you this christmas, is me. I am giving you me. I want to be with you"

Tosin was speechless. He could suddenly feel the feelings he thought were gone. His straight face gave way to a the bright smile.

"I want you to Omade Oferi" he said as he leaned over about to give her a kiss when he heard a snap.

"Did you hear that?" He asks her

"I guess" she said and they heard another snap.

The next thing, the branches they were on snapped and the two of them went crashing to the floor, screaming and laughing uncontollably.

"I can't believe that just happened?" She said still laughing.

"Well it did" he said as he finally gave her the kiss he waited 10 years to give her.

And she responded as they kissed under the mistletoe. Sorry, mango tree.

Merry Christmas again

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  1. sweet. I'm all up for lovey, goofy love stories but a dark twisted part of me also loves tragedy, which is why when the branch snapped, i half expected the girl to fall n break her neck! Smh... I know, i know,lol
    nice post #iLike

  2. There was some confusion in the pronouns as if you wrote in first person, I and me; before changing to she and he. So look into that and edit. Otherwise, nice simple story, perfect for christmas...

  3. lol @ dosh
    true @ Myne...
    Merry Christmas people...
    Harry, nice as usual!!! :) plus please the guy in he back from coma yet? xx

  4. compliments of the season harry : )

  5. so nice pictures, have a beautiful year 2011!


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