Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gone too soon...

I can't believe it,
One minute you were here and the next you are gone.
It is really sad, to think that the lst time I saw you I was so preoccuopied in other things we didn't even have a decent conversation,
We were not close,
We didn't talk much,
But one thing I know for sure,
You will be missed.

You wil be missed by all of us,
Your friends, your old school mates and most especially your family.
Rest in peace man,
Rest in the arms of our Saviour,
Till we meet again,
Bunmi Oludotun A.K.A Prof


  1. I just came over from another site and I loved this poem.
    I assume the lovely man in the photo passed on?
    If so, my condolences
    Death is a bummer!

  2. My sympathies bro.
    At least, he's in a better place. :)
    Take it easy.

  3. RIP Prof...never knew you personally but would have seen you...


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