Friday, December 31, 2010

The Thankful Post

Dear Lord,

How has it been? I know I have been bugging you with my requests for 3 bedroom well furnished flat in Zamfara, a laptop, an ipod nano and a new closet. Oh sorry. I just asked again. Well to the main point of the letter.

2010 was an awesome year. I graduated from the University, Yada is on a roll and I am in a good place. So I wanna say thank you..

To my mum and dad... You guys rock!!!

To my siblings... You guys have been the best. Always looking out for me. I love you all.

To Bunmi and Glory... You guys are awesome... I love you guys

To Chiwunma and Chiago.. You are the best "young" parents a guy could ask for

To Ndomo and Isoken... Thanks for taking all my crap

To Ngbede... You are the best, man. I love you...

To the entire Yada team... It was not the year we had in mind but we rocked anyways... Thanks

To the Mass Communication class of 2010... I miss you guys and love you guys

To YWAP Down-South family... I miss you guys to. Hope y'all miss me back

To YWAP Lagos... Thanks for accepting me to your family

To my blogville family.. You guys make a guy feel so important... Thanks

To Otaigbe and Wande... You guys may not know but you have been awesome this past year.

To Max Lucado, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, Francis Chan, John Piper.. Thanks for all the amazing experiences and thoughts you have shared with me.

To Sho Baraka, The Washington Projects, Group 1 Crew, Monica, Faith Evans, Britt Nicole and HILLSONG... Thanks for the awesome music you guys made for me this year. Waiting for more in 2011.

To all my BBM contacts... We had an awesome 6 months didn't we.

To the friends on facebook and twitter... Thanks for the cool, crazy, inspiring updates.

To the new friends I made at the NYSC camp, let's rock Zamfara

To the cool friends I made this year.. Seun, Nwando, Dammy, Dera, Segun, Gabe, Ade, Dapo and others I can't remember... Thanks for listening to my silly talk.

To everyone else I am meant to thank and didn't call, it wasn't intentional... Abeg no vex

Finally to the One who has blessed me with all of these... I am thankful, grateful and I love you so much. Thanks for 2010 and I am eagerly anticipating 2011.


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  1. Nice one, Harry! Have an awesome 2011... I pray YADA grows and grows and grows! God bless....

  2. have JOY fam; 2011 and beyond. Thank you a lot for all your help bra. :D

  3. Have a fantastic new year...and I pray for the very best for you.

  4. Thanx, champ! There are a lotta faces in d pic but I can see some part of me somewhere. Lolz

    Have a most inspired, productive and pleasant year ahead!

  5. A thankful heart, none can compare.

    I'm glad you have so much to be grateful for. I pray 2011 turns out more fruitful than this year was.

    Jibola L

  6. Glad you had an amazing year! See you in the New Year :)

  7. Glad all went well for u, especially the yada thing!

  8. talkaholic....Happy nu year...we aw somefin in common

  9. Wishing you Happy New Year, May u always keep in heart the special beauty and cheer of New Year.

  10. You have a fantastic blog! i love your personality! Can you check out my blog and give me some tips

  11. awww..thank God for last very hopeful that this years gonna birth multiple success for u hun! keep doin ur thing.

  12. so....i gotta admit, this is my first here..i think! lol.

    i LOVE your background. kinda 'comfortable' yet simple.

    WOW! you did have a fun year didn't you? :) sure this year would be another adventure eh? keep us posted sha!



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