Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NYSC/INEC Wahala: Not gonna be mad

Ok, so yesterday I was angry when I heard news that they might plan on extending the service of corpers who do not serve as officials doing the registration exercise.


Let me take you back to what happened...

There has been news that INEC was going to use corpers as officials during the registration exercise since our orientation camp. I decided I wasn't going to do so when the online registration started and then we come back in January and I have been automatically recruited. Well, I am indifferent to the whole thing because its my service year and I have to experience everything.

So we start the training and you don't wanna know how that was... We start the training and it ends and apparently they are supposed to pay us 10 grand (in Naira) and they end up paying us 3. No problem. It is how the system is right?

Now, to the registration. They post us to different places. No doubt. Then, they want to move is in a truck. Like manual workers. At this point, I want to say that anybody partaking in the NYSC is a university graduate. So, they are moving us in this truck, like 20 of us in a truck with the DDC machines, mats, generator and stuff. They are taking these graduates to a dusty classroom to sleep on mats in the Zamfara cold. Please let me add here that Zamfara is extremely cold, even when the sun is shining.

I am not saying that we should not partake in the exercise cause if they want to they should, buy the conditions they are putting us is not favourable at all. And some corpers, including myself have refused to go through with it. Thing is, they don't want to see that the conditions INEC is subjecting us to are not favourable and NYSC who should be our guardians in an unknown territory are just there doing nothing, saying nothing. Am I meant to subject myself to this because I am a "corper". What is the meaning of been a "corper"? Who are we exactly? I don't even know anymore.

One thing I know though his, I am not going to go through that. I cannot go and sleep on a mat in a dusty classroom with no provision for feeding and daily upkeep. A friend of mine had an attack just going there and even with that, they were still threatening her to work or face an extended service year.

I can't do this. I love Nigeria and all but I will not jeopardise my health. I know how cold it is just sleeping in my room. I know how my eyes feel and how I get headaches when I take a walk or when I go out. I am going to register. I am going to vote. But I will not be an INEC official by day, and a refugee by night. It is not happening. And I am not sorry. They should bring on their threats.

That's all I have to say.


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  1. oooo booyyy!!!! u VEX NO B SMALL OO!! sorry ehn?

  2. This is really crazy! I think you should send this to the papers. There should be no threats at all!

  3. I heard it is not compulsory and there are more copers than necessary. So they can't extend d service year.
    As for the embezzlement of our money. God would punish them. but we can't just fold our hands and not do a thing...

  4. Effective writing. I feel your pain.

  5. How long was the training if you dont mind my asking and would u say the training was sufficient?

    cos now INEC is blaming the coopers for not knowing how to use the machines and not taking responsibility for the substandard crap they bought. Awon agbaya oshi

  6. My heart goes out to you my brother.

    Don't leave anything to chance on their threat though. Get a medical report on a feigned illness or something.

    Take care!

  7. its optional o! dont let anyone force u to do it...its supposed to be a voluntary service...and for the babe the officials r threatnin ..tell her to totally shenk it. there's no provision made for the welfare of the ad-hoc staff for inec, and if there ws anythn like that, its in some pplz stomach...peace

  8. You got point, bro! Corps members are human beings too! You don't even wanna hear the kind of crapstorm they've got brewing here in Maiduguri!


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