Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why do fools fall in love?

The answer its simple.

Only fools can love.

Check out the ultimate scripture on love, a part says

Love cares more for others than for self

That's foolish. How would I love and care about someone else's needs and put that before mine...

Another part says love puts up with anything

Seriously? Anything? So I have to put up with his/her crap. For what now?

Another part says love always look for the best...

Ok so my friend is an unapologetic drug addict who sleeps with anything and I am supposed to look for the best in him... How foolish am I going to get.

Love is a foolish man's job

Love points us back to God. Whether it is love between a man and his wife, or father and son, or between friends... Love points us to God.. God is love and he wants us to love "foolishly"... Love is the ultimate message of the cross. Jesus dying on the cross was done in love and Christ wants us to love like he has loved us...

Remember this though that the wisdom of God, is foolish to men and the message of the cross is sheer silliness to those who don't know Christ...

Enough said. I have to go and be foolish...

By the way, I love those girls... Foolishly


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  1. lol...I hope this piece doesnt have to do with the girls in the picture!

  2. 1st visit here and you've got a really interesting ways about words...nice blog


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