Saturday, February 19, 2011

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I need your help.

I have been running the Yada website for a while now and while traffic may be a little bit impressive it is not as I expect it too. I was expecting to see my favorite online family (blogville) flooding the site with your opinions and your comments but it seems you guys have abandoned the site.

Please guys, the Yada site needs you. So much is going into the website. For example, we interviewed the amazing singer Onos just recently. We also premiered the new Group 1 Crew music video which is awesome by the way and should be checked out. Glory Onyema our senior editor wrote an article on her boobs and we also premiered Hawk Nelson's new video called Crazy Love.

Please guys, we need you. We need you to hype us a little. We need you to follow us. We need you to be critics. So why don't you bookmark the Yada website now. Or better still why dont you go to your blogger dashboard and add to one of the blogs you follow or even add it to your Google Reader list. Please guys. I need you to help me make this work. I am not about to give up now and I need your help.

Thanks guys.


  1. Let me send you an email shortly

  2. LOL!!!!Alryt alryt,we got the message. Heading there now. lol!At least to see the boobs!

  3. The site looks nice and pretty interesting but I'm confused. Is it a Hebrew website or a Nigerian one? (I noticed the Hebrew in the logo/title)

  4. Awww, don't despair: it takes a while for a website to become a go-to site for many people. Word of mouth and consistent social media networking can help. You can do it!


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