Monday, February 21, 2011

My thoughts on Suicide

It is selfish.

I said it. It is too selfish. Why would you want to kill yourself.

I was watching Nip/Tuck and this lady decided to kill herself because she her cancer relapsed. She says she wants to end the pain and she wants to die a peaceful death.


In a previous episode, another lady killed herself because she was fat and that the guy she loved did not send her.

Maybe that is sad.

But really? Why suicide?

I remember an episode of One Tree Hill were Alex tried to commit suicide because she wanted Julian to notice her. Brooke went to the hospital and told her angry she was. Funny thing was Brooke wasn't angry because Alex was trying to make a move on her soon-to-be fiance but at the fact that many people would give anything just to live for one more day and someone would be so insensitive to take the one thing you originally have no control over.

I have no idea why I am blogging about suicide (seeing as I ALWAYS try to avoid controversial topics) but I just feel that I would give anything to live one more day to correct all the wrong in my life. A chance to enjoy this awesome gift God has given me.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I don't understand the concept of killing oneself. One thing I know is I don't like the concept of suicide.
Like Brooke, I think it is selfish and there are other ways to deal with ones problem than to take one's life away. The life that is a gift from God.

With that been said...

Have an awesome week


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  2. I agree that it's a selfish thing to do, but you have to understand the desperation some of these people must feel if they considered all of their options and decided that killing themselves would be the only way out. I'm not sure you can even begin to fathom that desperation - it's an overwhelming helplessness that consumes your entire being. Once you've seriously considered suicide as an option, it invades your thoughts, your mind; it's all you think about.

    Again, I agree with you that it's a tremendously selfish thing to do, but sometimes the thought of the people one is living behind is the ONLY thing that prevents some people from taking the plunge.

    Note I said some of these people - I personally cannot vouch for everyone who's ever considered suicide or those who, sadly, succeeded at it (like the two people you mentioned above). I myself was once suicidal, and the thought of my mother's reaction was the only thing that held me back.

  3. Suicide is a very selfish thing you do.

    Yes, I might not know what the person is going through, but they leave the family is despair and shame.

    I just pray such a thing will never happen to us...may we never get tired of life

  4. I disagree with you on this. Suicide is the cowardly way out but it not necessarily due to selfishness. The examples you gave are not of people who have suicidal intent.
    In my job I see many people who say they want to commit suicide but really they don't want to die, they feel like its the best way to seek attention or get help for real or perceived problems.

    It is difficult to understand unless you have experienced the plight of people who have clinical depression or other mental health problems. Their disease causes them unimaginable anguish and so much emotional trauma.
    I pray you never experience what these people go through.For this category of people suicide is better than the torture of living with their symptoms.


  5. Suicide becomes a viable option when the fear of living becomes greater than the fear of dying...

  6. I choose to be neutral on this. I do not support suicide but I do think someone should be allowed in certain circumstances to have assisted suicide (Euthanasia) with the agreement of their close and loved ones.

  7. Yeah...suicide is selfish but we can never tell what is going thru people's minds when they do these things. Lately my drama leader in church commited suicide, first class student living in the UK with a wife and first baby on the way. Young insipring dude...and it got me thinking....WITH ALL THESE GOING FOR HIME WHY WOULD HE KILL HIMSELF COS HE LOST HIS JOB??? i think suicide comes to mind when hope is gone. Hope is the last thing in a man that should die...

  8. Sometimes, people who commit suicide do not have "hope". They do not know what other options they have. Some do not even know the implications of what they are doing. There are also heartbreaking, depressing situations that people could be going through that push them to the limit.

    We do not have the right to take our lives - indeed it is a gift from God. Let us hope that others get to know this as well.


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