Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Enchanted Love

I don't know if I am walking down the path of Nicholas Sparks but it seems I am now a sucker for all things love and love stories. So guys, here is another love story. I have no idea why I called it Enchanted Love but I hope it works for you. The song was inspired by a certain song by a certain R&B singer and an episode from a particular TV show. Can you figure them out? :)

Love is magical. At least that's what they say. Michael Jackson even wrote a song about it. Truth is, I feel love is magical. It is that connection you feel with someone. That thing that makes your heart beat faster. Well, I don't know much about love but meeting Jide was magical.

I love hanging out at Legends. It is a cool eatery in Surulere with awesome meals. My best friend, Tola knows I can eat there all day long. That is not an exaggeration seeing as I did it when I broke up with my ex.

It was a saturday afternoon and it started to rain. I had decided to go to Legends to have lunch because I was feeling lazy and I really wanted to go out in the rain. So slipping into a leather coat and black boots. I took a short work to Legends, which is just down my street.

On getting there, the place was packed with people. Some came to eat while others seemed to be drying up from the rain. I walked across the room and went straight to the counter to order a hot cup of coffee when I saw him for the first time. He had on a well ironed blue long sleeved shirt, with black pants and a gold wrist watch. He had an iPod in his hand and the earphones were in his ears. He was listening to music, nodding his head and whistling to Kiss Me, my favourite song.

I didn't know when I walked up to him. As soon as I saw him, I knew I had to meet him. I knew in my gut that we had to meet. I wasn't sure what I was going to say to him but it was good to try.

"Hello" he pulled out his earphones and looked at me
"Where you just whistling to Kiss Me?" I had to be sure
"Maybe" he was smiling now "who wants to know?"
"Helloooo. Me?"
"Yes. I was listening to Kiss Me"
"Nice. My name is Ava"

It may see like any other ordinary meeting but it was the day I found true love. Jide and I click on many levels. From how we talk, to our take on culture. I can't really explain the mystery behind how our thoughts are always in sync and how we don't argue over stupid things.

Jide kissed me the day I met him. He even kissed me in d rain. And I had one feet up. I never knew it could happen but it did. Being with Jide has shown how God can use someone to shower you immensely with love. To find someone like him in the world today... Well I don't know how it is.

I am in bed writing this in my journal waiting for Jide, my husband of 13 years to leave the shower. People have different marriage testimonies. Well, I married my soul mate. My love, our love is magic.

Hope you liked it.


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