Monday, March 28, 2011

Going Anonymous

Hey guys

I am going to start another blog and I am going anonymous with it. I don't know how long the blog is going to last but I'll give you a hint.

It is about popular culture.

So, watch out for the blog. If you find it, good. If you don't, I really hope you do *grin*

Have an awesome week


PS: Dyu like my new haircut?


  1. hmmmmmm, popular culture?
    errr not feeling the cut :p

  2. Is there a reason why you plan to go anonymous? And with these hints and your style of writing (which your readers know from your previous blogs), I wonder how anonymous you will stay. All the best.

    Have an awesome week as well.

  3. Ummm Why tell us you're opening a new blog IF it's going to be Anon? Why hope we find it even tho the intent is for you to be Anon?? Forgive my confusion biko.

    lol, the they take light and the barber couldn't finish shaving the hair off?? lol Just kidding. It doesn't look right tho'


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