Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Blog-Versary to The Talkaholic


I cannot believe that it has been 4 years already. When I started this blog 4 years ago, I did not know how far the blog was going to take me. Some people ask me why am I so excited over a blog turning 4. I really don't blame them as they would not have an idea of how God has used this blog to bless me.

I didn't start this blog because I wanted to make money. I didn't start it because I mistook it for another Hi5 or Myspace account. I didn't start it to boost my popularity status. I started it because I wanted to write. I needed to write. I was inspired on a daily and I needed to share my thoughts with anyone who cared to read. In 2007, I blogged 10 times that year and it didn't really matter that no one was reading my posts. I just knew I was growing, someway, somehow.

Its 2011 now and I have been so inspired. In April 2009, I started my second story blog, Kiss and Tell. In May 2009, Yada was born. In January 2010, I added two blogs to my belt; Anani Speaks and The Eden Project. And now all of them are doing good in their own way.

It has not been easy, but whenever  I take time out to write an article or a poem. Or whenever I think about Yada's future (which is everyday by the way) I realize that God is not through with me yet. The Talkaholic is not just a random blog. Every idea or concept I have been able to come up with since 2007 has found its root in this blog one way or the other. I am so excited and joyful that even now, God continues to inspire me daily and that the best for The Talkaholic, Yada and all my other projects is yet to come. That alone is motivation enough.

With this been said, I will like to thank the following people for their suppport throughout the years

To my sister, Mimi aka Wise Sage: Even when I had no followers you kept sharing my blog amongst all your friends. You were proud of me even before anyone knew who I was. I love you plenty.
To Seye Kuyinu aka my blog mentor: There were down times for me. Lots of them but it was your advice that saw me through. Thanks for being a friend and a brother.
To D-i: I have not met anyone has sweet as you. Thanks for supporting me cheering me on and always praying for me.
To my blogville family: Myne Whitman, Good Naija Girl, Miss Balance, Le Dynamique Professeur, T.Notes, NakedSha, Imsi, Jaycee, Aloted, RoseofSharon, Dosh, Ore Fakorede, GRIP, Toni Kuyinu, Tallstretch, Jabez, BSNC, Blogoratti, Rita, djhazymn, Tolu Akanni, Moyin, Bagucci, Zoe Believer Ginger and everyone else I forgot to mention... Love y'all
To my circle of friends: Bunmi, Glory, Chiago, Chiwi... thanks for your help and support through it all
To my YWAP family, thanks for all, the motivation and the words of encouragement you guys rock.
To my Yada Family, get ready because soon we will be Nigeria's hottest website. Love you guys.
To the celebrites that has shown Yada love since inception: Jekob Washington, Pablo Villatoro, Adebayo Jones, Onos, Jeff & Sean of Think International, Nwando Onyeabo, Simisola Ogunleye and many others... thank you for believing in us
Finally to The One, that has blessed me with these... I love You. So glad to be a vessel for You to use to shout Your fame...

So guys... Click on the links below to visit all my blogs for updates

Also The Yada Music Project Vol.1 is coming soon. featuring music from Mr. Phisa, Jekob Washingtona nd Group 1 Crew.

Have an awesome week ahead



  1. As what i said on FB, not everyone on blogsville last this long.. some fall away. Praise God for your wonderful 4 years. Its been great being touched by your life, Harry :) More years of blogging!!!!..and may you never un out of words!!!

    p.s. I love MIMI!!!! :D

  2. oh Harry!!! congratulations!!! you're an awesome person...I'm blessed by what the Lord is doing through you! thank you xx

  3. wow...4 years! amazing..well done!

    Thanks for the mention...:)

  4. awww... Thanks a lot for the mention!

    4years is not beans o, I'm really happy for you and proud of you too.

    May the Lord continue to bless the work of your hands

  5. Congratulations Harry... You know, whenever I see you or read your blog posts, all I can see is greatness... Its all over you Harry, you are going to be soooo great, beyond what you can think or imagine.. And this is not just a hype.. Its true and I know.. God is taking you to places far beyond your comprehension..

    Happy blogversary... Cheers to many more years of blogging!

  6. Congratulations, Harry and may God continually oil your fingers.

    I wish YADA the very best and your blog a prosperous fifth year.

    Thank you for the shout-out.

  7. Wow! Congratulations. Wishing u many more years of creativity and inspiration from above. I hope the thrill u have for this art stays alive. (Y)

    Thanks for the mention. :)

  8. Congrats man. Congrats Talkaholic. Here we go for the next four and many more.

  9. Congratulations man, its not easy!

  10. Thanks for the mention Harry. I agree with you that God is not through with you yet. In fact, this is just the beginning.

    BTW, I like the new look, but it's not showing comment count on the front page at all. well I guess we can learn to click on the post title. Looks good though.

  11. big congrats ... 4 years no be yam ....

  12. 4 yars? Thats a long time..Definitely shows you are faithful in the doing :) Congratulations!!


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