Wednesday, August 3, 2011

On Bald Black Boy+ A new Yada Website

First, I would like to say here that I have no idea what is wrong with
my blogger account as I cannot seem to effectively post articles on
blogger anymore. I have no idea why but I hope blogger will fix the
problem soon.

How have you guys been? I know it has been a while and I do apologize
for that. I will try to blog often this new month. I miss Blogville
and the love in this place. I hope it is not fading though.

A few weeks back, I put up a blogpost that suggested I was going to
change my blog name to BaldBlackBoy. I got comments and they were
interesting. Some people said I was not going bald, some said they
loved the name while others were indifferent. I decided to leave the
blog name as it is. I buried the topic.

A few days back, I met someone and the first thing the person noticed
was that I was bald and he made it seem like I had some sort of
disease, asking how I coped with "baldness". You would have thought I
was living with cancer and I remembered my High School years.

I started balding at a pretty young age and my peers (guys in High
School) noticed that and they used it to tease me. I was not bullied
or anything (on the contrary, I was quite popular) but it really
affected my self-esteem. From that period, I decided to do everything
in my power to get my hair back. I started using hair growth creams to
try to get my hair to grow. I ignored the horrible smell the cream had
and used it anyways. I used this cream all through High School but my
hairline just kept receding.

I had built my self-esteem on how people saw me that even though some
of them joked about my baldness, it broke me and I kept wishing a
miracle would happen and I would have "normal" hairline like everyone
else. It was sad.

I entered the University and decided to take my Christianity
seriously. As my knowledge of God and who I was in Him begun to
increase, I realized that I had built my self-esteem on the wrong
things. I realized that it does not matter what the world sees me as,
what matters is how God sees me. I realized that God made me bald and
considered me a priceless work of art, display me in the forefront if
his gallery, looking at me every day and saying to himself "Look how
fine, Harry is". I became happy and began to focus on things that
actually matter. I also saved money because I stopped purchasing the
hair products.

People still tease me but it does not move me. I blame society for
giving every one labels. Our difference is what makes us unique and
special in God's eyes. The difference is what makes him smile. I feel
bad when I talk to people who have receding hairlines and they say
things like "they are worried about how they will look" or "they hate
their hair" or "they are scared that they will be bald at a young
age". It is the reason why I decided to use @BaldBlackBoy as my new
twitter handle. I have a theory that by a person's tweets you know
them. With this name, I am saying this "I am bald. Deal with it!" Do
not meet me for the first time and comment about my hair. Know the
kind of person I am first. Anyways, I have saved you the trouble. I am
a Bald Black Boy

On to Yada. I am pleased to announce that Yada Magazine has a new
look. Go to our site, check it out, and please let us know what you
think about the website. Our site address is In
addition, we have an exclusive interview with Montell Jordan. Yes. The
Grammy nominated Montell Jordan. The "This is how we do it" Montell
Jordan. Check it out here
and also let us know your comments as regards the interview. If you
have not downloaded our free compilation album, please do that here You can send your feedback and suggestions to

I hope you enjoyed my lengthy post. I will try and hola back as soon
as I can. Until then, this Bald Black Boy is signing out.

PS: Remember to follow me on Twitter. It is @BaldBlackBoy :)


  1. Very very Nice post! This was my fave line "As my knowledge of God and who I was in Him begun to increase, I realized that I had built my self-esteem on the wrong things.", In a lot of ways we get stuck in life because we have failed to actually focus on what really matters, which is God and who he has made us to be, for what purpose he has in mind.

  2. @Giagerry... That is so true and the worst thing that can happen to anyone is to lose sight of his/her purpose

  3. Your outlook on life is fantastic...God bless you and this message you've shared.

  4. Nahhh,BBB is fine jare!!I like the audacity of it.I think M.I's nametag is something similar isnt it.Besides,it speaks of someone who's accepted and loving himself for who he,with a nice tinge of arrogance too!lol!!!
    R u4 real,u guys interviewed Montell?!!!Checking that out NOW!!!

  5. Hmmmmm.....well done!!!Do we really have to give so much details when we wanna drop a comment?!!I get lazy,as i guess other people might.Watcha think?

  6. @GNG... thanks so much
    @T.Notes... It all depends on you in the end and what you what you wanna right

  7. @BaldBlackBoy Its cool... Whatever works for yhu- makes yhu what u are right now. Though ur new twitter handle shouldn't define yhu totally.

  8. Yey, BaldBlackBoy. 'BoldBlackBoy'.
    It's about God feels about us, isn't it?

  9. Not another bald black boy! (just kidding - I'm bald too though I'm enjoying my JOE look). #ff @baldblackboy now! Enjoyed the read.


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