Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Download the YadaMag Music Project now!

Hey guys,

Sorry I have been M!A. I am having issues uploading posts on Blogger and I have no idea why. Anyways, our Free compilation album is available for download and I really can't wait for you to have it. It features Je'kob from the Washington Projects, Applejaxx, Stefan Otto and also Nigerian stars like Pastor J (Jimmy Odukoya), Tolumide, IBK amongst others. To download follow this link and also let me know your thoughts and comments on the album. You can send them to or to

Thanks for supporting Yada Magazine


PS: Please help me beg Blogger to fix my blogging issues and beg Etisalat to fix my BIS issues.

Harry Itie
YADA Magazine

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  1. I love this! Downloaded already. Will listen to it/them when I get home. Great work Yada!


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