Friday, January 4, 2008

Back To School: Update on my life

Ever since I was a child, the statement has alweys been used when a student has to return to his academic institution. I'm no different cause as at 4.30pm yesterday, I made my way back into Covenant University.

I dont know how I feel right now. I should be happy but i'm not. I should want to go home but I dont. It's all very confusing but what can I do. Exams start on the 14th and I am far from ready. All I need now is God's favor and grace.

Right now, I am writing a book. It's in my Friends Forever Series and is my first book in the series. It is titled "A Touch From Heaven". It's about a gay Nigerian teenager and his promiscious best friend and how God brings healing to a wounded soul. It was inspired by Kemi's Journal and Pastor Paul Adefarasin's christmas message. I am hoping it gets published by Tyndale, Thomas Nelson, Multonomah or Zondervan. I'm dreaming right? Well that is what i want.

I'm currently reading Pastor Paul's book "Change Your World: A Call To A Performing Generation". The book is tight and i'm learning a whole lot from it. Tobymac's Portable Sounds and Welcome To Diverse City are the two music albums on my playlist...oh I forgot TY Bello's Greenland. I've not really seen any new movies lately and Juanita Bynum and my spiritual life has been top on my prayer list.

Well 2008 had better be a good year. all this plans I have and all the pain that came with last year. I hope and pray that my delivarance and healing will come with this year. I am tired of the way my life is and I want to finally understand why God has let all these things happen..

Well, I've got so much to say but so little time...But...I'll be right back!


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