Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Am I in love or like? Is it just a crush or mere infatuation?

OK....seriously.. I need to know why you have been on my mind for days now... I really need to know why you wont just leave me alone...

OK..that is weird... Anyways, how you guys been? I read your comments on the last post and I really appreciate it. Truth is, I was thinking the same thing and y'all just confirmed it. Thanks again...

There is really nothing to talk about today apart from the fact that I am liking somebody like that... It's all good... I am just hoping it is for real..

Anyways, take care guys and check out The Eden Project. There is an update there and a question I will love for you to answer...



  1. love is a decision. you can't be in love unless you choose to be (that's my opinion anyway, maybe i'll blog about it one of these days). just hope she feels the same o, coz love can be . . . let's just say, interesting.

  2. HARRY is IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow!!!!!! Seek the wisdom of He who made your heart ;)


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