Monday, January 25, 2010

Kinda dont have a name for this post... But You'll love it!

Hey y’all,

I have been chilling since my last blog post. Nothing major has happened. It has been the same old story. I have been listening to Sho Baraka’s Turn My Life Up album a whole lot and the album has been ministering to me in so many ways. Favourite tracks are 100, Be Scientific, Music of Life and Love of my Life. If you like, hip-hop and you do not have his album; you had better go get it.

Maybe it is I but for a while, I have been looking at some students in my class and in my school in general and I have concluded that they are so IMMATURE! OK. You might probably ask why I am saying this and I am even mature myself. Truth is I may not be “mature” but there is one thing I know, that is the fact that these people are not people to look up to in Maturity School. The things they do, the things they say... it is as if they do not have things to think about. Anyways, I have learnt not to talk about people if I have not walked a mile in their shoes so let us just say I rest my case. My own is not that they should rub their immaturity in my face abi?

I watched Julie & Julia and honestly, I loved the movie. The deal is that I want to start a project, kind of like the Julie/Julia project. Thing is I am currently managing four blogs; this one, Anani Speaks, Kiss & Tell( Which is undergoing restructuring) and The Eden Project. What do I do? I have a couple of ideas but I honestly don’t know what to? Should I create another blog? Can I handle it? If you feel, I should go ahead, what do you think I should do? I will really appreciate your comments on this one though. God bless you as you comment.

So, forget the time and date you see on this article, I wrote this article on the 24th of January 2010 at exactly 4pm. I have to go read HMD 411 people. Peace y’all!


Check out this video though...


  1. Hi Harry, I liked J&J too and I think you should focus on the projects you already have and not be too spread thin. And the audio on your video is not good. Have a good week.

  2. now I really wanna listen to Sho Baraka's full album but still dont know how to get it... we'll c. anyways mahn, I think you can possibly creatively modify a certain one of your blogs to include the new idea you have somehow. A blog where we get updates on this subject and another subject rather than necessarily having to major various. I might jus reduce effectiveness and productivity on either blog you know. aiit man. SUCCESS in your papers and... JOY

  3. Thanks guys... That was the same thing a friend told me when I asked the same thing

  4. i have not seen the julia and julia ,why do you want to have another blog again,is it because you are not paying for hosting now,and besides there is no way you will be effective and consistent with five blogs unless you have one or more contributor,cheers man


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