Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hey y'all...

I am in reflection mode right now... I saw My Sisters Keeper and God knows I wanted to cry. I am still wondering what happened to the tears.  The movie is so amazing and I love what it talks about and the issue it address and that Abigail chic is really impressing me. She is an amazing actress and I have to give the credit to her. I have been thinking what will I do if my sister had cancer or if any one I loved had cancer and worst of all if they had to die!!! I don't even want to think about it. The thoughts is freaking me out...

I used to think that cancer was a disease that we Africans most especially Nigerians were immune to but I was wrong. Even my grandpa died of prostrate cancer... and there is Seun

In this light.. Can we please pray for every cancer patient in the world? They are in so much pain and people overlook them a whole lot. Everyone's concern is HIV patients... It's all good tho

Random Question: What do you do if you like someone who is in a relationship?

Take care guys...



  1. Cancer affects everyone and the worst part is that there are different forms of cancer. Prayers are indeed important.

    If you like someone in a r/ship, I guess you just have to look elsewhere and hope the feelings go away.

  2. Lol if u like the person, then ruin their relationship lol. If the person is not married they are single..

  3. @Myne... thanks for d advice
    @azazel.. are u serious?lol


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