Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Ameboholic!!!

Two of my close friends, Chiago and Chiwi (They are engaged), gave me a card for my birthday and for a successful defense. On one of the cards they wrote, "The Ameboholic" with the intonations and all. At first, I could not figure out what they wrote but when I did, I laughed so hard... apparently, I am no longer The Talkaholic but now an Ameboholic.

I remember when I chose the name for this blog like it was yesterday. I needed to name it something and "The Talkaholic" just came to me. Now people call me "The Talkaholic" and I feel the name is a part of me. While I am not sure if it is a good word or bad one, another name comes into view... The Ameboholic...

I really wanna work with this name and I have been brain storming on what exactly I can do. Do I change the name of the blog? Do I start a column or something? I am most definitely not starting a new blog anytime soon so that is way out of the equation... but still what do I do? I am open to any suggestion.

Life is still beautiful and I am living it like it is golden. There are lots of things going on but I choose to have a very positive attitude. Also, I am pretty excited about the Nigerian Blog Awards and you can still nominate me here. To nominate you type the blog address not the blog name... Take note...

I gotta go now... stay safe. I will leave you with this powerful quote by Ted Dekker, "Jesus did not come to save your bank accounts, He came to save your souls."
Think about it.


PS: Still pray for the flood victims in Nashville, Tennessee and to all of y'all in the US who can help, please do. God bless.

Picture gotten from Danielle Kimmey's Blog, F I N A L L Y.


  1. Ameboholic...are you an amebo? lol.

  2. men...Talkaholic, fine.
    Ameboholic..hmnn...ok o

  3. I can't believe I missed saying "happy birthday." Happy birthday to one of the most enthusiastic people I've ever met, you've been a blessing to moi :)


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