Monday, May 10, 2010

On Defense, my birthday and the Nigerian Blog Awards

Hey guys...WASSAP!!!
How have y'all been? It was one long weekend but thank God for many blessings. Lemme give you a run down of how the week went...

Project defense was awesome. I have a feeling that everything is gonna work out for me. Even though it was not how I imagined it to turn out... God pass dem and He gets the glory in the end.

First of all, I wanna say a big thank you to all that sent me birthday greetings. I really do appreciate it. The day was OK and as weird as it seems, I got a few MAJOR things of my birthday wishlist.  Wanna use this medium to thank my amazing mother,my sister  Tsema and her husband, my other sister Mimi, my Uncle Odemi and all my friends who made me feel loved on that day... It was amazing... I am so grateful!

The Nigerian Blog Awards are here again and people... I need to win...even if it is one category. Lemme mention a few categories I can be nominated in... OK... Maybe they are not few but hey... I gotta expand my horizons
  1. Nigerian Blog of the Year
    Best overall blog (I think I can try out for this place)
  2. Best Designed Blog
    Blog with an appealing design or look  (You can tell that this blog is FINE!!! Including Anani Speaks and The Eden Project.
  3. Best Everyday Read
    Blog that is updated daily or you wish was updated daily (I try to update daily. Don't I?)
  4. Best New Blog
    Blog must be less than one year old (OK... This blog is 3 years old but Anani Speaks and The Eden Project are less than a year old)
  5. Best Personal Blog
    Blog that focuses on the writer’s life or experiences  (I think this can classify my blog)
  6. Best Poetry Blog
    Blog that focuses on poetry (the nominee must have written the majority of the poems on the blog) (Anani Speaks qualifies for this category)
  7. Best Religion Blog
    Blog about faith, and/or religious beliefs(The Eden Project can be nominated for this one)
  8. Best Student Blog
    Blog by an individual currently enrolled in school (I am a student)
  9. Best Use of Media, including Social Media
    Use of audio and/or video, or social media such as facebook or twitter, in a blog (I use social networks on this site)
  10. Most Inspiring Blog
    Blog that regularly inspires the reader(Am I inspiring lol?)
  11. Most Unique Voice
    Blog that has a unique voice and/or style of writing(I think my voice is unique... aint it?
 Anyways, visit this site for more information....

Check out this important information on Anani Speaks.




You can start nominating here


  1. Happy belated birthday...would try vote to nominate you.

  2. Happy belated birthday!
    As for the blog awards, is there an actual ceremony/event for it?

  3. @Rotex... thanks for the bday wishes and as for a ceremony for the blog awards, I dunno if there will be a ceremony for it

  4. oh ok kool. i would like to attend if there is though.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday.
    Thank God4 project progress.
    N as per Naija Blog awards, think i should just go ahead and fill ur name everywhere--make my work easier uh?!!!lol!

  6. Happy belated birthday. Thank God your defence went well. You want to be nominated in all the categories mentioned above ehn?lol...dnt worry we go nominate you.

  7. nomin8d! fam
    u go surely collect award ni.

  8. @T.Notes...LOL...Yes o...u are free to do that
    @Shorty... Will appreciate that
    @eMJOY... Amen

  9. Belated birthday wishes, I already nominated you for best student blog. I love your school pics you share. Keep on keeping on and all the best in your defense and all.

  10. Hey hope you had a lovey birthday! Take good care always..

  11. Happy Belated Birthday! Which of the gifts did you receive o? Don't keep us in suspense!!

    I'm very happy to hear that the defense went well...kudos on that!

    Thank you for promoting the Nigerian Blog's much appreciated!

  12. @Blogoratti.... Thanks a lot
    @Good Naija Girl... No wahala... I will let you in on all the presents I got soon


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