Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cold Feet et al... Part 2

If you did not read the first part of this post, you should go and check it out here

First, I want to specially thank NakedSha for the amazing audio message she sent to me. Listening to it brought so much joy to mu spirit. Thank you so much... God bless you and may He give you exceeding joy, in Jesus name.

I was gonna comment on the last post but somehow, I couldn't so let me write what I wanted to say here...

@Nakedsha... Got the email... thank you so much
@Jabez...Thank are most def invited to the graduation party
@Ope... My darling... It's OK.... I should have let you know wassup
@gidiasianbabe... I will sure remember that
@Suru... I guess you are right... Thanks for the prayer 2

Thank you so much guys for the comments and prayers... God bless you a mega zillion times!!!

My close friend for 3 and something years, Vivian, wrote this to me yesterday after she read it and I want to share it with you...

Lift up your eyes,
Lift up your hands,
See the sun,
Smell the sea,
in simple terms: TAKE A BREAK!!!

I know this feeling! Oh yeah, I do. I am the only child of a Bishop. Imagine the pressure. The only different thing is my fantasies, hopes and dreams still have a while before achievement.

Day 1 (Friday): Take a break! Relax! Enjoy life
Day 2 (Saturday): Reflect on the past, consider the future but focus on the present.
Day 3 (Sunday): Go to Church, listen to the Word and make a firm decision.

During these three days, consider the following life nuggets.

Don't live till tomorrow, what you can do today. Free up your tomorrow.
Don't live your fate in the hands of others. Do it yourself.
Depend on no one for your security and your happiness but God.
Live your life for YOURSELF and no one else but God.

Pray this prayer:
Lord I believe. Help my unbelief.

Trust me, God dey!!!!

You don't want to know how I felt when I read this. I was so happy. I am extremely grateful to God for nudging me to express myself because this feeling had been there for a long time... since April to be more precise... It is not like I don't know all this, is just I had been there and done all that and it wasn't working. But from all the comments from the last post, to NakedSha's message to Vivian's amazing note, I can clearly hear God speak to me... It is so amazing...

I am not there yet but I am getting there... thank you again guys... My testimony is coming really soon so watch out for it... 

Have a blessed Thursday...


Vivian and I...

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  1. Take a break...ah wish i could do that right this moment. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. harry, is ther no oda picture of us.

  3. Enjoy...all these your beach pictures make me jealous :)

  4. Lovely picture!

    I'm glad your spirit is more settled now. Take care and take a break OK? I'll be praying for you.


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