Friday, July 30, 2010

The Friends Series: Bunmi and Glory

Hey y'all
TGIF! I am introducing a series called The Friends Series. Here I talk about some of my close friends and why they are special to me and things I have learnt from being their friends.

I met Bunmi and Glory officially at a YWAP meeting. I had known them before because we were in the same class only that we never used to talk. A friendship started when we joined the YWAP Core Group and let's just say now we are best buds.

The reason why I am tight with these girls is because they have shown me what true friendship is. Most times we get it twisted when we watch TV shows or movies. We see unreal, fake and pretentious friendships shown to us. Bunmi, Glory and I are VERY different. We have different tastes in everything and we act differently but somehow we have forged a strong friendship; encouraging each other spiritually, academically and any other 'lly'.

My advice: Never neglect the friends you have. You may feel like they don't understand you or that y'all are very different but I assure you, those friendships last the longest. Remember, opposites attract.

Bunmi Obanawu. Glory Onyema. Y'all are the best. From supporting EVERY dream I have had to praying for me during my darkest times, our friendship has been strong. I miss you guys and love you very much.

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I remain, The Talkaholic

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  1. This is wonderful. god bless good friends.

  2. I don't buy it mehn!Which one do you have the hots for?!!Spill!!!lol

  3. I concur... I love friendship, especially when it's true...

    - LDP


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