Friday, August 20, 2010

Do I have to scream for your Respect????

This post came to my mind and I just poured out my thoughts as it came.
I am a guy. I am in a relationship with this girl. She thinks because I am the guy I should do ALL things for her happiness and comfort even if it means depriving myself of my own happiness and comfort. I can even try and deal with it but when she comes between my family and friends, make unnecessary demands and then talks to me anyhow in public: it gets me angry. She even says I ping her too much.

I am a girl. I am in a relationship with this boy. At first everything was good and lovely till he got bored. He looks me in the face and says I bore him and that he is tired. Does he want to break up? I don't know. Does he want to have sex? I am not sure. Would he be honest and tell me what is on his mind? He thinks he will pass.

Truth is, this is the story of many people today. They find themselves in relationships were the other partner has no respect for them and after they have gotten past that stage of the relationship were everything is all rosy, they begin to act up. They feel like breaking up but they don't want to look like the bad guy/girl so they frustrate you till you break up with them so they can look like the victim.

Too me, that is a sign of disrespect. I am not against breaking up a relationship. It is said that a broken courtship is better than a broken marriage and I totally agree. If the break-up is healthy, you guys can stay friends even after the break up. What I hate is the immature way of ending relationships. If you are no longer interested, be honest with the person instead of trying to frustrate the other party to break up so you can look like the victim. Doing that only shows you have no respect for the person and that is wrong.

Right now, I think respect is what is lacking in most relationships. People don't put value on relationships and are moved by fickle feelings. I am bored. I am tired. I am not feeling it anymore. Relationships are more than how you feel in the morning or in the evening. It is a time to be a friend with the person you might spend the rest of your life with. It is time to see how compatible you guys are. It is not a time to get a sex-partner or the time to get the guy who will spend all his money on you. If relationships are done the right way, breaking up is easy and done the right way. I know a few people who were in relationships before and are still good friends. Will a guy remain your good friend if all you did when y'all were going out was ask for money? Or will a girl still go out with you if all you do when you were going out was pressure her for sex.?

Think about this. I don't have to yell from the top of the Empire State building before you know I deserve some respect.

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  1. Without respect, a relationship is almost finished.

  2. wow. coolness. I know some great essence writers (Itie). go JOY fam

  3. Right on point! What's the need trying to frustrate the other person out of a relationship when you know it's you who wants out.. WICKED!

  4. Breaking up is not easy o...but i agree with you, its much better than being frustrated out of it.

  5. Truth told - No respect, no true relationship.


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