Thursday, August 19, 2010

Love is right there at home

There is one thing common to everyone. We are all looking for love in diverse places. From the slums in India to the city of Dubai to the beach in Miami and the city of Lagos, everyone is looking for love. The thing is only few find it.

Some find love in money, some in cars, some in a guys kiss, some in the girls eyes, some in their many university degrees and others in themselves alone. So I ask, what happens when the money stops coming, or when the cars are stolen or when the guy starts kissing someone else or when the girl looks at you with those eyes and says 'I don't love you anymore', what will you do? Will you give up on love altogether?

Truth is, love is right there at home in your heart. The Bible makes us see that Jesus takes residence in our heart and that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. This means that love is at home.

God is love. You can't love if you don't know God and love him. Out of Eden says a lot about this love that God gives us, they say it is an "eternal fantasy that will never go away", they say the love "goes on and on and on" that means it is continuous. They also add in another song that this love is "deeper than the ocean and wider than the sea". My point is that this love is the perfect love.

If you are looking for love like me and have been looking in the wrong places, you need to go back home. You need to go back to the One that loved you before you knew His name. He has a love letter to man and there His love is expressed in His death on the cross for our sins. He then tells us that NOBODY can separate us from this love. He also says that His love is perfect and it drives away ALL forms of fear. When we learn to love Him, we find ourselves making the right decisions as regards matters of the heart. We learn how to love unconditionally and when it is time to give our hearts away, we would be convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that this love is from the same source as mine.

I don't know if you are feeling me?

If you have questions on love? Go back home. If you are confused, go back home. If you need somebody to love you, go back home. If you need somebody to love, go back home instead of singing about it? No matter the questions, no matter the circumstance, no matter the issue. One thing I know and remains all through eternity...

Love is right there at home.
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  1. Wow.. This is nice.. Won't say I didn't learn anytin... But wait a second. Me that I have found luv.. Does it mean I found d wrong thing?

  2. You're right, God's love is the deepest and covers all others. Nice one Harry.

  3. Nice. Glad to see something on a happy note from " there is that point".

    God's love is d beginning and the end :)

  4. I feel you my brother.

    I searched for love in everything and everywhere, but could not find peace and satiety. How could I know love when I did not know Love Himself (ie God is love). Until I found Him, I was totally clueless about where to find love and what love is.


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